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  1. Thanks everybody.


    Yeah, it was a great loss. Not only because he was a promising, very keen sheepdog, also because of his nice character. A lovely balance between having a strong will, but still being biddable and willing to be a partner. Off sheep a happy, playfull guy.


    I will need a replacement; Gláma, though still going strong, is slowly moving towards retirement (I do hope she has at least two working years in her).


    But I will take my time. Don't think I will take any action before spring time. Maybe I will go for a started dog instead of a puppy.


    Strange feeling to have to contemplate this now. Wasn't supposed to have to think about a next dog for at least a couple of years.

  2. I think Julie makes a very good suggestion desensitizing him.

    And maybe, as you are not actually doing something with (or to ;) ) the sheep you might be able to strike a deal with your training place or an other sheep keeper in your neighbourhood, to do that more frequently than just once a week.

    And I'd use a light chain as leash, some are pretty quick to understand that you can chew through leather or nylon....

  3. I have a copy. I'm not sure I'd tell anyone to go out a buy it. It's a nice coffee table book about the breed, but if you've been around border collies for some time, there isn't much you'll learn from reading this book.


    Edited: Maybe I sound too negative for a book where my main issue with it is that it fails to deliver on its title.

    I think the title is inherently doomed to fail...
  4. I think you draw reasonable conclusions yourself; probably depressed and somewhat withdrawn, and from your description it sounds like a very sweet dog. If I was looking for a dog from a shelter, or as in my situation would be more likely rehoming from last owner, I would not hesitate to take a dog that reacted like this on "first contact".

    Actually my current stockdog fit that behavior description pretty well when we first met.

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