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  1. Thanks everybody. Yeah, it was a great loss. Not only because he was a promising, very keen sheepdog, also because of his nice character. A lovely balance between having a strong will, but still being biddable and willing to be a partner. Off sheep a happy, playfull guy. I will need a replacement; Gláma, though still going strong, is slowly moving towards retirement (I do hope she has at least two working years in her). But I will take my time. Don't think I will take any action before spring time. Maybe I will go for a started dog instead of a puppy. Strange feeling to have to contemplate this now. Wasn't supposed to have to think about a next dog for at least a couple of years.
  2. I have been meaning to post some updates/pics in this thread for some time but never got around to it. But sadly Peli's story came to a tragic end last saturday evening, as he lost his life in a car accident.
  3. I would. I never bother with the puppy stuff anyway, and put my pups on adult food straight after getting them home. If I remember correctly, my last, Peli was about eleven weeks old then. At ten months today, he is quite a big guy.
  4. My thoughts exactly, he might think it is a reward!I wonder if Dallasbc has confused dogs with cats...
  5. Best wishes for your dog. Hope he improves.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what is the reason you want to make home made dog food?
  7. No doubt a factor, but don't sell yourself too short, I think your companionship and attention would trump food and toys any time .
  8. I think Julie makes a very good suggestion desensitizing him. And maybe, as you are not actually doing something with (or to ) the sheep you might be able to strike a deal with your training place or an other sheep keeper in your neighbourhood, to do that more frequently than just once a week. And I'd use a light chain as leash, some are pretty quick to understand that you can chew through leather or nylon....
  9. My Gláma is like that, it is a great feature imo, especially during roundup where some people seem to feel entitled to command other man's dogs. Very satisfying to see her ignore them completely. It would be nice though if she would on occasion let my wife work with her, but she decided she is a one man's dog.
  10. Not trying to be a smartass here, but isn't it a bit of a non-brainer keeping your good shoes out of reach from a chewing puppy, and offer him a toy or a chewing treat instead?
  11. Strongly second Eileen's opinion on this. There is nothing wrong with a stern "no". "Oh, but what should the poor dog do instead?" Well, I don't care as long as he stops making a nuisance of himself!
  12. Hehe, I am there too (and content with it), keen pups always make you look disorganised, and at times stupid too
  13. Imo you shouldn't wait. Then again I don' t feed puppy food at all, I feed adult food immediately after I take them home. I think Peli my youngest ( who actually looks quite a bit like yours ) was about ten weeks old then.
  14. I think you draw reasonable conclusions yourself; probably depressed and somewhat withdrawn, and from your description it sounds like a very sweet dog. If I was looking for a dog from a shelter, or as in my situation would be more likely rehoming from last owner, I would not hesitate to take a dog that reacted like this on "first contact". Actually my current stockdog fit that behavior description pretty well when we first met.
  15. I agree that color should not be taken in consideration making these kind of decisions. That is why I would avoid merles. I am suspicious of any such "special" colors, because I would expect them to have played a role in the choices made by the breeder.
  16. I never managed a bulletproof recall. After I shot them they never came back.
  17. According to Gláma any temperature is too cold to swim. Kátur's attitude is more like if the water is still liquid one can swim.
  18. In the few trials I took part in, I only "elevated" my arm for the occasional facepalm....
  19. I know your pain, we moved farm three years ago, from our rental to the one we bought. We lived and had a small livestock operation there for ten years, what an incredible amount of stuff and junk you can accumulate over such a length of time.... Congratulations on your move!
  20. The uncontrollable urge to run in front of livestock...?
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