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  1. A dog that is "two year-ish" is not a puppy in my book...
  2. Sorry for having dragged politics into your topic Sue. What I actually meant (and should have made clearer) is the practical trouble you can have travelling to the US nowadays. The breach of privacy you are submitted to, and the possibility of long delays at the airport, possibly (even seemingly random) being turned back after arriving. I don't have the time or money to take such a risk. Is it possible to follow this trial online?
  3. I would love to but sadly the US is not a very attractive country to travel to these days.
  4. That is actually what I mean, this seems to be a bit more about language than about dogs. Interesting enough in itself, (alert, shameless brag ahead) I am a dutch guy, married to a german, living in Iceland with our two kids who were born here. We are juggling four languages in our daily lives, three of with are motherlanguages for someone in our family... Makes you wonder about all kinds of language related things you never gave a second thought while just using one language.
  5. I dunno, this a bit too semantic for me. There is no "deal" at all imo. Using the term "dealbreaker" is just a way of saying "the dog didn't work out". It happens.
  6. Very nice pics, makes me look forward to our own lambing, counting the days (we start around first of May). I second your opinion on the importance of real work with difficult sheep. I wonder how those mad SCC'S compare to our Icelandic free range berserkers...
  7. By the point he said "now we have two useless dogs" I was completely cracking up...
  8. Already heard it on a facebook group, quite amusing!
  9. I really don't follow the logic in this at all.Why on earth would you "demand" a course of antibiotics for an illness that only occurs on the other side of the globe?
  10. What is the reasoning behind the idea of giving a dog distilled water?
  11. To be honest, I don' t really know who Peli is either
  12. Haha what a cool vid Maja! It seems the ewes are pretty relaxed about their offspring "playing" with the dog Also enjoyed the slomo replays of their antics. It is still a long six weeks until the first lambs at our place, ah well, I will have Peli to fill the cuteness void.....
  13. I always liked Tea's Sweep the Broom ( hope I remember correct). I like to keep it local, so I use icelandic farmdog names. They are usually two syllable names. Gonna pick up my new puppy in a couple of days, his name will most likely be Peli.
  14. Yeah,the "to do" list is long, and it just seems to get longer and longer. This is not a complaint btw! Mostly fun stuff. Apart from shoveling manure, that will never become a hobby....
  15. Only thing that comes to mind is keeping your dog lean. If you do that, and keep him fit with moderate exercise, you don't have to put him on some special diet.
  16. In my opinion it is doing things backwards. If you goal is stockwork, you should the go and find a good dog prospect, from good working parents. Difficult enough... Any obedient dog can walk behind some overdogged sheep, but you state your goal is actually trialling. Of course, nothing stops you to try him out, who knows what hidden talents he has, but I would personally not put the effort in starting such a dog. And then I am talking about his iffy pedigree in regard to stockwork. His age is fine for starting such training.
  17. Well this week we started to fence off an area on our land for the training sheep. This is possible to an unusual mild winter; normally you wouldn't be able to put down fence posts this time off the year. I estimate it is about two hectares big , that's about 5 acres. I'll measure it later. Need to buy some netting to finish it. It has a gate in the middle of the fencing (as opposed to in the corner) which is nice for laying the ground work for penning. Another thing on the agenda is buying panels for a round pen, for dog and horse training. Rather expensive here but especially because I
  18. I really enjoy the use of the term " forever home" used in advertisements where people try to get rid of their dog. Cracks me up every time.
  19. Am I right in assuming that's a courageous dog?
  20. Had to google "corriente cattle" they look quite beautiful. Living in Iceland one does not have a whole range of breeds to choose from, when it comes to stock ( I'd really like to have Scottish highland cattle...) Luckily the rules on importing dogs are not that prohibitive, or we would not have had bordercollies.
  21. My wife doesn't allow me to have goats. She is the voice of reason on our farm.
  22. Me neither, for a myriad of reasons. But I assumed you read the "using this logic" at the beginning of my remark, and understood what I meant.
  23. No idea, just read your post because the topictitle sounded so happy.
  24. Well, using that kind of logic you could also state "who needs a bc, when you can buy a quad".
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