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  1. Wow Paula...thanks! :-) I love training contacts, and since I'm a pretty OCD trainer it works well. ;-) How I trained Stella's (and now my new young dogs') contacts was by freeshaping a rear foot target in a 2o2o position and then back-chaining using toy drive. I start with one obstacle first (usually DW) until it is roughly 98%. I find most dogs then transfer the 2o2o onto the AF/teeter with no issues....the only thing i mess around with is teaching them to jump the apex of the AF and/or run past the tipping point on the teeter. It will take forever to explain, but if you would like more info please PM me. It didn't take long to train and Stella has always had rock solid contacts. My young dog is on her way to having the same contacts. Stella's contacts (OK, this is the most recent thing I can find with her contacts in it...you'll have to weed through it....sorry!!): Remedy's teeter:
  2. Here's a picture of the puppy in question. I'd imagine she's at least 16.5" currently. If she tops out at 36-40lbs, I'm OK with that. It's if for some reason she ends up being 22"+ and 45lbs+.
  3. I've been searching the forum this morning as I know this has been brought up at least a dozen times... I have a 5 month (~ 21 weeks) bitch, currently 22lbs, that has a lot of bone and massive coat. Not sure entirely who she is out of, but she is from my herding trainers nice male dog. I would say he is roughly 21.5" and 48lbs with good bone and medium coat. I really love his personality and many of his traits. I've had this bitch for about a week and am trying to decide if I want to buy her or not. Great personality, sweet as can be, not as much drive as my current working BC but I can build that...but curious as she seems quite big...I do agility first and foremost and work sheep as a hobby. My current female is 18.75" and 29lbs. I got her at 12 months and she was fully grown (apart from being very underweight). So my question: how big was your pup (height/weight) at 5 months vs full grown?
  4. Agreed. It's hard to tell if she is being reactive towards certain stimulus, or if she has been given too much freedom and is sort of correcting you for stepping out of line. It is almost like you are telling her "no" (even in a calm, non-threatening way) and she is counteracting with "excuse me?!" and giving you a correction. Sort of like a... who do you think you are? I would seek advice of a local behaviorist who can come to your home to assess the situation. There could be things you are doing subconsciously that could be contributing to this behavior. Or, it could be that she is just an extremely reactive dog who doesn't express herself well. I would second the advice of look for behaviors/warnings that she may be giving you (or to situations), telling you to back off or that she has had enough.
  5. I haven't thought about that but it wouldn't surprise me. She is allergic to just about everything out there (humans, dogs, cats, grass, pollen, etc), has had demodex, gets hot spots....I will keep this in mind. During the summer she swims 2-3x daily and does lure/agility 3-4 times a week and I do up her food and have never noticed her having issues. She puts on a lot of muscle. This is the first winter I've noticed her with a good extra pound or two. Thank you
  6. Thank you. That was the one I found, and I actually thought it was way off (for me anyway). The dog in question is my (almost) 3 y/o Golden. She is 50lbs (she's lean, but has lost some muscle over the winter) and is on TOTW which is 360 kcal/cup. If this calculator is right, as a less active dog it suggests 1099 kcal/day...which if you do the math, is roughly 3 cups of food a day. If I fed her that, I can't imagine how much weight she would put on. I feed her 1 3/4 cup a day, which is about 630 kcal/day. She's gained weight this winter at her 1 3/4 cup (or 630kcal/day), but I don't see how I could feed her any less. Sigh.
  7. I recently made the switch to TOTW Pacific. Does anyone have any useful info (websites, etc) to calculate a dogs daily caloric needs? I realize that it won't be 100% accurate, just as the feeding suggestions on the side of the bags are more of guidelines...but I was just curious.
  8. I did the allergy shot route after I couldn't watch my golden any longer. She got numerous hot spots, was constantly scratching (she would walk 4 steps, then itch, walk 4 more, then itch) and then ended up with demodex. Once that cleaned up I started the shots. We started with them weekly for 3 months, then moved to 2x a month, and we are now (almost a year later!) are on once a month shots. I must say it has been TOTALLY worth it. She is so much happier. She is allergic to every allergen she comes in contact with: cats (we have 3), dogs, human dander, dust mites, mold, pollen from trees/bushes/flowers/grasses, chicken and several other meat sources, several grains, etc. She is on a fish based food and treats only, fish oil/vit e, I keep her bedding clean and during the summer, I wipe her down when she comes in from outside. She used to get 4 anti-itch pills a day...she is now down to 1 a day (granted it IS Winter). I definitely recommend the shots.
  9. Just wanted to add (and most people know this anyway): puppies can be a huge gamble. Even hand selecting the right one (testing, meeting parents, etc) doesn't guarantee anything about how it will turn out. I also like to skip the whole chewing/potty training stage anyway and jump straight into 6+ months. That's just my .02. Good luck in your search.
  10. Hi Maja, I've enjoyed watching your videos but have not commented in that my eye is not the best since I am just learning as well. When I tried to watch your most recent video, it claims the video is unavailable for viewing. Am I doing something wrong? Katy
  11. I'm no behaviorist, but from what I can see his behavior looks like lack of socialization and dog "etiquette". From the video, if we edited Joey out and put in a cat this behavior would look like a dog who had never seen a cat and had no idea how to interact with it and has no respect for it. Edit Joey back in and lets say this was taken at a park where Steve was throwing a Frisbee/Ball, this looks like annoying "working" behavior that some BCs do. For the most part, it's just plain obnoxious and rude. Obviously we did not see the attacks on Milo/Joey so it's hard to really see where this is stemming from. I think once he settles in, learns how to communicate appropriately, and learns to take corrections from you guys (the second he eyes another dog, a sharp HEY or like Steve was doing, body-blocking)and the other dogs, I think he will get the hint. I look forward to reading others opinions.
  12. Thanks for the tips so far. They are greatly appreciated. Luckily, Novice runs last on Friday so I will be there long enough to watch a good percentage of the runs before me. I want to sit and watch and let Stella get used to the new environment. I hope I can find someone to video our run...but I can't make any promises.
  13. Stella and I are entered in our first trial this weekend, running in Novice/Novice. I would love some tips/advice as I want to make this experience as fun and enjoyable as possible for the both of us. I am just a tad nervous Thanks!!!
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