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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1PpsId8iD8 on being clueless
  2. This was the "wordiest" direction I've seen used in stockwork. Wonder how it works if the stock is farther off?
  3. Smalahunder, you will be missed. Good sense and a good work ethic never go out of fashion - in dogs or in people.
  4. Not sure this is the right place for this... But I found it interesting.
  5. Well, she had her stitches out today. The vet says she's lookin' good. She was really apprehensive about going "in the back" at the vet's, but as you can see in the picture, she was feelin' fine when she came back into the exam room.
  6. One more progress post... I had a very successful yard sale yesterday. Made $524.00. That will almost cover Sugar's scheduled post-op visits. Also started her on a glucosamine/chondritin supplement. It's been a long, strange trip, but it looks like it's turning out well. Thanks everybody...
  7. So the little "conehead" is feeling much better. She doesn't have that troubled look in her eyes anymore, though she's pretty disgusted with the cone. Another week and it comes off... The hair is starting to grow back on her shaved bits.
  8. Better and better... No crying, ans more wagging.
  9. Sugar is home. She is sore and tired, but it's all done now, and she will be her old self again. Once more, thanks to every for helping. It was amazing.
  10. Sugarfoot had her surgery today, and it went well. She comes home tomorrow morning. Big thanks to all here who contributed!
  11. Well, there was a train after all... My computer died on Monday morning, but since I have lots of room on my Amazon Store card, I was able to order another one. I felt like I was stealing from Sugarfoot, even though I can't use the Store Card for anything but Amazon Merchandise. But I do rely heavily on the computer for my Photoshop work, and to keep the Go Fund Me campaign going. My old computer was over ten years old, so it's no surprise that it died. Sugar is hangin' in there. She's really bored, but she's going to see the surgeon day after tomorrow. He may keep her and do the surgery the next morning. Just have to wait and see.
  12. Well, the Go Fund me campaign is going well. We're over $2,000.00 now, and I have found another surgeon whose estimate was closer to $3,000.00. So if the goal is met on Go Fund Me, I can probably cobble together the rest. The light at the end of the tunnel do not appear, at the moment, to be a train.
  13. Well, there's good news and bad news. I found a vet who can do the surgery in a clinic I'm familiar with, but it's not cheap... Estimate came in at $5,810.29. (Possibly slightly less) Time to pull it together. We have some time. It doesn't have to be done immediately - but it does need to be done. Sugarfoot already has less muscle mass around that joint, which means she's been favoring it. If we didn't do the surgery, she would live a very restricted life, as to activity - which she would hate - and she would also be at risk for the same injury on the opposite leg, because of it doing more of the workload. Here's my Go Fund Me Link https://www.gofundme.com/sugarfoot-is-too-young-to-retire
  14. Thanks, alligande. We've raised $925.00 on the Go Fund Me page, and I've received an additional $100.00 from friends. Another friend has pledged $500.00, so we're halfway there. Here's a link to my latest blog post about Sugar. It tells her life story. http://atpeacewithpink.blogspot.com/2019/04/sugarfoot-still-needs-help.html
  15. Sugarfoot is my rescue Border Collie. She has served me as an Assistance Dog, and been my best friend. She's a sweet, brilliant dog with boundless heart and energy. But she needs help now, that I can't give her. Last week Sugarfoot ruptured the cruciate ligament in her left rear leg, while chasing a ball. She needs surgery to correct this problem. Unfortunately, it is completely out of reach for me. I am a disabled retired person living on Social Security. I am hoping that you can help me to get the surgery for my dog. She deserves it, and her quality of life will be very much diminished without it. Please help, as much or as little as you can. I will be eternally grateful for any and all assistance with this. You will be helping a wonderful dog to a better life. Thank you! Another request... If you have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media account, please consider posting a link to Sugar's Go Fund Me Page. The more eyes that see her page, the better her chances are of getting help. Thanks again! Sugarfoot's Go Fund Me Page
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEFvBIKNG5U I found this video quite interesting. One heifer (?) was quite the outlaw... :)
  17. D'Elle, I agree that people who actually have real service dogs spend a lot of time and attention monitoring the dog and fending off the petters and other distracting people. I know that when I got my dog Sugarfoot certified, I had to work hard to keep people off her, despite the large DO NOT PET patches on her harness. A couple of years after i Got her certified (with the county in which I live) they changed their rules for service dogs, and she was scratched because I was her trainer, instead of a special assistance dog training group. I understand why they did this. With all the trouble there has been with pretenders on planes and in stores or restaurants. So I hung up her harness, and she doesn't go into places where mere pets are not permitted. It's sad, but "worse things happen at sea." One of the things I began to realize during the time Sugarfoot was in harness was that being watchful of inappropriate behavior from the humans surrounding us was instrumental in lowering my anxiety level. Sugarfoot took good care of me, and that helped me immensely, but me taking care of her may have done just as much to lower my anxiety level. It refocused my mind on protecting her from idiots, and strengthened my feeling of being able to cope. A side-effect, a good one, (that, incidentally works whether the dog is a service dog or not,)
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtLk8jExiiQ Some serious joint stress going on here, but the courage and athleticism of these dogs is undeniable.
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