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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I would really agree that what I really need to be in a "hurry" about is getting myself to some training ! One of my other dogs is getting older (she is almost 9...though you'd never know to look at her)...and I have always felt kind of disappointed that I did not seek further training advice with her. I got a bit lucky with her...as she is super "tuned in" to what is going on...and has ALWAYS come back when called, really she will do anything you ask of her...it just sometimes she does not understand what it is you WANT ! She has always been quite agressive...a
  2. Hi Everyone I am new to your forum...and have found lot's of good advice here. I know some of my questions have been covered in other posts...but I still have some questions regarding my own situation. I just got a new BC puppy (she will be the third working BC I have at this time). I spent a over a year deciding wether I should get a third dog...and have had to make some changes here at home to accomidate her...so far so good. Anyhow....my other two dogs are used daily for "ranch work' (cattle)...and I am very happy with them. However...I can see how I could have taken their trainin
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