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  1. WOW....I thought Harlow was the only dog to do this! I just didn't know how to describe it other than bouncing like a bunny when she's chasing something. Whenever she's off leash in the woods and hears a chipmunk she'll run after it hopping. It's really cute but she looks kind of nerdy
  2. Well I have some good news on Harlow's dog aggression..... I took her to a guy here in Green Bay that is a really good dog trainer. He runs a doggy day care/boarding/behavior business. After asking me a bunch of questions he asked if he could see how she was with other dogs. I agreed, but was nervous. So he took her into a huge room with 3 other dogs, a Golden, Lab and a smaller mixed breed. He had me wait outside the room, but I could still see in through a smaller window. The dogs approched Harlow, and she put her head down and peed. Didn't show her teeth, growl, nip, nothing. After a fe
  3. Thanks for all the responses. I could relate to alot of 'fear aggression' in her. If the dog ignores her and keeps walking she will do the same. Like i said she doesn't see a dog and just run at it attacking or anything. It's only when they get in her face. And it doesn't matter the age, size etc. The poor Great Dane she once snapped at cowered by his owner afterwards. Same with a Moscow Watch Dog. If she's not on a leash she's alot better, but I'm pretty sure she can sense me getting nervous while holding the leash and tightening it up. I've been working on that with myself also. Li
  4. Harlow has a very important 'job' which she takes seriously
  5. Good luck with your dog I really hope things will work out
  6. Hi, I have a almost 2 year old BC that I've had since she was 6 weeks. And she has a very bad dog aggrssion issue I need some help with. First of all, she's VERY VERY people friendly, will run up to anyone, and likes kids even more. She's still a jumper when it comes to people, which I've been trying to break her of since I got her. But with kids she will run up to them and sit in front of them or lay down and wait for them to pet her stomach. And if a kid picks up one of her toys, she will follow them everywhere, staring at them, until they throw it. One of my friends works at a school an
  7. Harlow and I were walking in the woods last week when I saw her chasing a chipmunk around a tree. It kept running around the base and she kept chasing it. Harlow likes to pounce when she gets excited and I'm pretty sure she pounced on it. Poor little thing was sitting up wheezing and breathing hard. Harlow walked away, I'm assuming having no clue as to what happens next lol
  8. Harlow is weird in the car. She doesn't mind passing cars but freaks out and barks and growls like mad at RR tracks. And not even when we go over them, she can see the sign from a block away and start freaking out. Nothing else. Just the white X sign. Gotta love BC's
  9. I know it probably doesn't help a whole lot, but Harlow loves my cat. She will pick him up by the back of his neck like a mom, carry him to the same corner in the house, and clean him. Probably 5 nights a week. At the same time my cat, Tom will 'need' her. They are great together, the first time I saw Harlow with Tom in her mouth I panicked, but they do it almost every night. The cat loves being 'cleaned' Harlow may have been a good mom, since she did a similar thing with a baby bunny in the yard.
  10. Kevin is very handsome! I don't understand how a dog or a breed with so much potential can just be put down I love the first pic, Harlow looks at me like that after she did something wrong and we make eye contact lol
  11. Harlow is obsessed with Shadows. If I can keep her busy she won't notice. But she's SUPER people friendly and one of the things she does when meeting someone is look down and chase her shadow. When I get home from work she gets super excited but then looks down and paws at the ground at her shadow I should definitely call
  12. Harlow is currently 20 months and weighs 44 pounds. When she was 6 months she weighed 34. When I first brought her to the vet to be checked out they said she was going to be bigger for a girl.
  13. Jack Russell! They are very active and Chester here keeps up with Harlow and pretty much has more energy than she does.
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