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  1. I keep hearing about a place in Long Beach but no one knows exactly where?
  2. Can someone recommend a place (near Orange County, CA) to take our 9 mos. old pups to see how they might do in herding. Stevie "B" the boy for sure has the eye. Bella Mia the girl loves to herd our cats
  3. I wish I could be as happy. I've tried: gentle leader, martingale(SP?),harness, food treats, happy talk and not so happy talk. Nothing seems to work for my two 9 month old BC's. I'm now trying a walking stick that I place in front of them when they start to pull ahead. HELP US
  4. I'm I being too strict? Nothing seems to be working. My latest attempt to get them to stop pulling is a walking stick that I place in front of them to slow them down. I'm lost for any other ideas
  5. I've tried most everything to get my 2 pups (8 mos. now) to stop pulling when out for walks. Maybe i should just hook up a wagon :0 Seriously, How do I get them to stop pulling? I've tried gentle leader. Ideas?
  6. Hello, I think this is my first post here. We got 2 siblings (brother & sister @ approx. 2 1/2 mos. when we got them) who are extremely attached to eachother. When we got them, they were very sick. It took some time before we were able get them healthy and spayed. I have started leash training finally! When we are out and about the nieghborhood, they are fearful to the point of peeing at the sight of new people. I'm running on, sorry. I need help in reducing that fear. Suggestions?
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