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  1. I have just called the practice where she had the operation and spoke to a surgical nurse to make sure that it is normal for her to now suddenly be walking on 3 legs again and she was worried that it was something more serious, so as a precaution I have been asked to take her in again tomorrow morning for an x-ray and evaluation..... :( :(
  2. The little lady herself, 2 days after surgery.
  3. I will take a read through your posts, thanks, im sure this will be very helpful!
  4. Hi Sue, Thanks so much for your reply. That's just the thing, she has been doing fantastically on the leg, 2 day after surgery she was walking on the leg! In the last couple of days I let her sit with me (on lead) on a doggie cushion while watching tv or pick her up to lay with me while watching tv for a little while, being very careful of course. She just wants some attention and is dying for a cuddle instead of being in a room all alone. I have been very careful about this and support her at all times. Then suddenly late yesterday she was still using the leg but every now and then going on 3 legs. This morning she is not even using the leg at all im so worried. As far as rehab is going, we have been doing ROM exercises everyday, as much as SHE wants me to do, which was not much! she stretches out nicely when I tickle her tummy with her leg straight out and is generally VERY happy and doesn't seem to be in any pain at all. Except this morning she was on 3 legs I also have been supporting her weight with my arm under her belly and shifting weight onto operated leg. She also enjoys a "rolly polly" on the grass when going out to toilet. I have been referred to a physiotherapist far away from me and we have an appointment for 21st Jan 2014, I have to take off work to go so will do virtually ALL rehab myself. What are your thoughts on swimming? Or is underwater treadmill better? The surgeon was so happy with the movement in her leg, he was extremely positive with the results so soon after surgery. She had virtually no swelling (even right after surgery) and no heat off the incision. I did do a quick feel this AM to see if it was hot and it felt warm but it could also be because she had just woken up and had been lying on the leg I just want to get home to see how she is doing
  5. Hello all, I seem to have the worst luck with my dogs! On 18th December 2013 my youngest border collie, 3 years, had TPLO surgery to repair a partially torn ligament. I had the option to "wait & see" or do the surgery now. I decided that there was no point in waiting, seeing as I have been waiting for almost a year with no improvement to her limp / funny hop movement. Her back was suffering because of it and I had already spent over R 5000.00 in rehab costs which were not helping, so we did the surgery which was another R 15,500.00! Lucky I have pet "hospital cover". Anyway, here is my worry. We are now 19 days post op and she had stitches out last week, the surgeon was extremely happy with the movement in her leg and said he thinks she is a bit ahead in recovery, she is walking without a limp and only slightly toe touching when standing still BUT this morning I woke up to a dog who is now not using the leg AT ALL - which started last night. I am trying to think if she might have overdone it. For the first 13 days she was crated, I then moved her to a small (tiny) room, where I put down rubber matting so she doesn't slip but has a little more room to move. She is an extremely active dog and only has 2 speeds, 100% or sleeping. I am worried that by moving her to the room she has done some movement and hurt the leg OR is this still early days and im worrying for nothing? She was a rescue and my agility hopeful after my male was retired at just 4 years old because of major back problems, now im wondering if I will ever go back to agility. If anyone who's dog has had the surgery can give me some kind works and/or tips I would really appreciate it. I have crated her today while im at work....the leg is not hot to touch. Thanks
  6. My beautiful boy at the beach, having too much fun
  7. Hi, Well I would love to play some fun agility and still be a part of the competitions, fun and training but I live in South Africa and here there are no fun classes, sadly. I would love to look into tracking with him but he is reactive toward strangers, especially men so finding a suitable trainer is proving more and more difficult. Can anyone recommend a book or dvd I can get to help with training? btw, Chaos is doing fantastically, he had a bit of a struggle recently but now is back to being awesome leaves me even considering doing agility again. We do play in the garden and he is fast as ever and enjoys it so much. Has anyone else continued with agility after their dog was diagnosed with this disease? The physiotherapist I took him too reckons that I could probably now jump him if I wanted to, he has now been off for 6 months. BUT is it REALLY worth it? I just miss it so much its depressing and he looks so happy and 100% keen when doing it, makes ones heart ache
  8. Hi Guys, I just wanted to post on here for everyone else that replied to my first plea for help. Unfortunatly young Chaos was diagnosed with lumbosacral disease, he has 3 herniated discs in the lumbosacral area and 4 degenerative discs a little further up his back. I am devasted but at the same time I am glad I opted for the MRI. The specialist said he is not a candidate for surgery right now as there are too many discs affected and he is relatively OK besides being a bit weak in the hind and generally doesnt have half the energy a 4 year old should have he is mobile. I opted to do the MRI because my dog put everything into his agility and I couldnt take the chance of him flying over an A-frame and then the worst happened. I was of course advised to retire him from agility immediatly, the risk associated with it is just too high and im not willing to take that chance. He was an amazing agility dog, a "once in a lifetime" agility dog but my love for him means that I am not willing to put his life on the line for some rossettes. I am looking into herding as its not too far out of town but I am also hesitant becuase of twisting and turning. We are currently just doing a clicker class and obiedence bits but after a fast paced, high power agility life I am really struggling to adjust and am devasted. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks for all the support. Megs
  9. Hi Guys, Just an update for everyone. The vet is now suspecting cauda equina syndrome Anyone have experience with this? Obviously this can only be confirmed doing an MRI. I asked if doing the MRI will change current treatment and she said yes. So I am very much considering doing the MRI next week so I can actually sleep!
  10. Thanks I have bought the e-book so let the training begin!!
  11. I found Linda Mecklenburg's book "developing jumping skills for awesome agility dogs" which is not too expensive. Anyone heard of this? Seems like its a good foundation for jumping? Maybe a good place to start?
  12. Hi there, no I am actually in South Africa Aren't the little collies just full of fun! My little one is such a blessing and the most amazing little collie with HUGE drive and a little bit of madness mixed in! ball mad is an understatement, she is ball obsessed and not allowed balls at home unless we are training as she will just never stop if she had the ball all the time. We do have www.sadaa.co.za here which means she would jump 55cm instead of 65cm which I will be doing as well but our KUSA competitions means she would jump 65cm. You made me think though as maybe I should for now stick to only doing 55cm with her and maybe then eventually start doing 65cm at a later stage. We also have an alternate to agility which is called Dog Jumping in South Africa and in the lower grade she would jump 55cm, so I suppose I could still do both but stay away from agility on 65cm for a while. Thanks, your little collie sounds lovely
  13. I have her in a sit at the start or a down but am now thinking a stand might be better for her - I just need to work on those waits!!! eeek. I have also done lines with different spacing and height and you can see she is REALLY thinking about it, so that is something I need to carry on with but jumps at angles she struggles with, I do also think that I just need to do this gradually and not expect the world when she is so young. She is SO keen and SO enjoys herself. Tunnels are her BIG favorite and sometimes I just cant pull her off them. I know I need to be patient, we really are having such fun now as my other border (chaos) in the picture was recently injured, so now is the time to really take my mind of things and have fun with her
  14. Thanks very much Jovi Kwik jumps perfectly on medium but now come to think of it actually goes under medium at the start too if she is too close to the jump. This is not a major problem and she generally goes over the jumps for me but I feel that I need to go back a bit, she needs to find her footing. I will most certainly take your advice. I just wish she could jump on medium height. Oh and yes, she LOVES working away from me, prefers it and is faster but there WILL be times when I need her close or closer so I will work on her being comfortable doing it Thanks again.
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