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  1. I'm relativly new to herding, but my dog isn't. He's about two and was considered "fully trained" when he was a year old. Currenty he is worked mostly on goats, due to my line of work, but I've noticed this issue with both goats and sheep. Often with goats one will be far away from the herd and I'll send John out to get them back in, when they are particularly stuborn he will just chase after them ignoring down or any other command I give him. This isn't an issue when we're working in a closed feild but out in the open he'll chase them into kingdom come. How can I get him to disengage from the running animal. Also he grips and bites far to often than is nesicary. When I see him getting ready to grip or bite I'll say AH!or HEY! to make him think twice but I can't always catch him before he decides to use the sheep as dental floss. How can I get him to back off and use his eye more.
  2. Most hens are sexed on day one and never get to grow up with the boys. It won't affect their laying ability at all wether or not they are exposed to a rooster. Some hens will even grow broody(trying to hatch a clutch) never having seen a rooster. Our chickens, all our fowl acctually, got wiped out by a pit bull a while ago save for one banty hen she crows and still lays an egg every afternoon.
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