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  1. This dog was found in Monticello, Utah today. They are saying it's a cattle dog but it looks like a border collie to me.
  2. Louis looks sooooo much like my pup Nico, and kind of sounds like him too. He's the adult dog in the first picture and he's about 8 months old in the second picture below. He wasn't instantly into balls or swimming and now he loves both. He also developed a crouch and an eye since I first got him, and his personality quirks and hobbies continue to change. The bf and I are in the middle of an international move right now and he is glued to our side or jumping in the car every chance he gets.
  3. Using google book search I saw that the Encyclopedia Americana supposedly lists "border collie" in 1829. The preview of the book is limited, though, so you can't really confirm. http://books.google.com/books?id=m4cOAAAAM...T64N8H&cd=1 Similar story for the 1898 Bureau of Animal Industry http://books.google.com/books?id=A4c-AAAAY...T64N8H&cd=2 However, the 1829 Encyclopedia Americana International Edition, which seems to be an index, lists an entry for "border collie" that includes an illustration, in vol. 9, page 236. I don't know how to find that text. http://books.googl
  4. If you are interested in simply "collie" and varieties, the Oxford English dictionary lists the 14th c. as the earliest POSSIBLE appearance in English. pasted below is the entire "collie" entry. "border collie" is not in the dictionary. collie, colly, n. [Origin uncertain: it has been conjectured to be the same word as coaly ‘the colour being originally black’; cf. COLLY a. Chaucer has Colle as proper name of a dog, of which collie might possibly be dimin.] 1. A Scotch shepherd's dog; a breed of sheepdogs remarkable for sagacity. [c1386 CHAUCER Nun's Pr. T. 563 Ran Colle our do
  5. We have been struggling with this for over a year with Nico. unlike the OP, he does get better when there are less cars around and we can go a consistent speed. He will freak out at the sound of the blinker. He barks, yelps, shakes and whines and is very dramatic. And that's in the crate. at first when he was uncrated he would do the things others have mentioned like bonk his head against the glass and bark out the windows. It has been very frustrating b/c he will learn other things quickly but seemed totally unable to process commands like sit/down/quiet while in the car. We have made some
  6. same here; Nico would just hang out at the edge of the water and steal sticks and balls from other dogs. Then one day I threw the stick he was chasing in a creek and he saw it moving along, and his expression said "OMG that's magic!" and then went right in. after doing that a couple times it there was no going back. going off the dock was a whole other thing, but he did it eventually to save his precious ball.
  7. Very happy for all of you! I'm sure I will be telling this story in the future any time I hear about a lost dog.
  8. Nico sounds like a wookie when he's play-wrestling. He grumbles occasionally. Almost never barks. The only other time he's very vocal is in the car. Then he makes terrible high pitched whining sounds, desperate little wookie sounds, and dramatic grumbles.
  9. Nico JUST started lifting the leg and he is going on 2. Don't know if there's a direct relation, but it seemed to start up when he had to stand on uneven snow and one leg was already higher than the other. Yesterday we were coming in the house and he started sniffing like crazy. I thought he was smelling a rabbit or cat so i called him and he totally ignored me. This is the first time in I don't know how long that he ignored the recall. I thought he must smell something really good, so I grabbed his leash before he could take off. He led me to some pee in the snow, smelled it a lot, and lift
  10. Everytime I looked at this pup I thought, "he looks familiar...but why?" Just realized he looks a bit like Ouzo. http://bcrofmn.org/dogs/2009/a-minnow.php

  11. Hello, I posted a similar question in September, which I thought generated useful guidelines for my situation with a 12-18mo old dog. I too was struggling to make sense of all the conflicting info about how much exercise is best for a young dog. Anyway as a result of those responses, we took a Control Unleashed type class with Nico where we learned settle commands, and we the humans learned to identify over-excitement and to make decisions about when he has had enough. Today was a good example; it's below 10F here, and we had already been out long enough in the snow for his toes to get full
  12. I don't have fingernails so the "tick key" (about $3.50) works best for me.
  13. thanks Ruth, I love the walking backwards idea. We are having a great time. What you said about the walk being frustrating definitely applies to me because i would much rather be exploring in the woods with him than walking on the sidewalk.
  14. Nico likes bison liver and it has not produced any ill-effects so far. If I'm eating a bison burger he has a little of it raw and ground, but I haven't given him any on the bone yet.
  15. We took naming advice from the "Monks of New Skete" : a two-syllable, crisp, humanoid name. After a few days with the dog (named Bogart by the rescue peeps) we had the names down to Nico, Banjo, Bowie (as in David Bowie, not bough-y), and Cosmo. Banjo eventually seemed too "cute" and not human, and I also practiced using the names with different tones and based on that went with Nico over Bowie (not as crisp), and kept Cosmo as middle name. That said I have friends with single syllable named dogs and it doesn't seem to matter at all. There's a dog I see sometimes here named "Crime Fighter" and
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