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  1. Uggh, makes me sick to think about giving up a pet. Three specific gripes on the article: 1. She mentions that animals ruin stuff. Uh, every animal??? Certainly not mine, and most animals won't if you train them properly and give them outlets for their physical and mental energy. In the 7+ months I've had my dog, she has chewed up a pen, an earplug, and a hair tie. I can feel myself going broke already!!! 2. She mentions that emergency vet bills are expensive. True indeed, but her example is totally avoidable! Don't want your cat ripped in half by a raccoon? Don't let him outside! 3. She argues that despite what pet owners think, their dogs won't die without them. Uh, really? Ever seen an unwanted animal PTS at a shelter? That's EXACTLY what will happen if lots of people take her advice and surrender their animals. She says she's owned animals, but from the sound of it, her bond with them was minimal at best. I feel sorry for any animal under her care.
  2. First let me say thank you all so much for the replies! I have not made a decision yet, but I do feel more prepared to make an informed decision. As far as how seriously I'd like to get into frisbee and agility, I guess that will depend more on Kit's abilities than on me. I would say that my aspirations for frisbee are higher than for agility, but that might change if/when we start agility! After looking over the quote given to me by the vet, it seems like an all or nothing kind of thing. If I'm going to spend the money for any x-rays at all, it would be best to get it all checked out, because 5 views isn't that much more expensive than 1. So if I do it, I'm thinking hips, knees, elbows, and shoulders. To be honest, I'm more concerned about the front end than the back - I suspect hips and knees are probably fine. The money thing isn't huge for me - I can afford whatever should be done. That said, I don't like wasting money. The sedation thing worries me a bit more, as ThunderHill pointed out. They want to use Xylazine/Butorphanol to sedate her and Yohimbine to reverse it. Anyone know anything about these drugs? They'd do it in the morning and then keep her kenneled in the office for the rest of the day. I trust both of the people who recommended this vet practice to me, and each of them has had multiple dogs x-rayed there - some dogs more than once. But there's always that chance... If I go through with this, a friend of a friend will hopefully be offering a second opinion on the radiographs. I don't know what her specialty was, but she recently retired from the vet school in my area and she does agility with her dog. Once again, thanks for sharing your opinions, and keep them coming if there are more!
  3. Hi everybody, I'm new here and I have a question for people who do agility and/or frisbee with their BC: My dog and I took a frisbee class recently and it was recommended that we do x-rays before getting our dog into these sports with any kind of seriousness. I got a recommendation from the instructor on which vet in the area could do a good x-ray with proper positioning for a reasonable price. Yesterday we had the required pre-x-ray appointment and the vet pretty much laughed me out of the office. Said that they'd take all the x-rays I want, but it was a waste of money on a healthy young dog. Anyone here care to agree or disagree? Have you done x-rays? If so, what of: hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, back, neck, other? My main reasoning for wanting x-rays is to make sure there isn't anything structurally wrong with my dog before we start doing any serious jumping or other strenuous activity. I would hate to get involved and then regret it down the line. Of course, the vet has a point: x-rays aren't cheap and they're unlikely to find much wrong at her age. Here's a bit more about us: I adopted Kit from a shelter about 7 months ago. She's around 14 months now. She's a BC mix (pointer, I think?), but her personality is all BC - she's got a mean herding instinct along with a frisbee/ball obsession. She does have the nose of a hound, though, meaning she still gets distracted pretty easily. She picks up on new commands quickly and our trick routines are getting a little old. As I don't have any sheep for her to herd, I'd like to get her into frisbee and agility. She loves all people and all dogs, will do anything for a treat, fears nothing on earth, and has spring-loaded legs.
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