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  1. We recently lost our beautiful BC, Chloe, who we miss very much. Our home is now dog-less for the first time in a very long time! We are planning to get another puppy (or maybe two:) and would like some more info and advice. We've read and heard a lot of different info and opinions on BCs and Aussies (sometime conflicting). Please offer any advice you may have on the pros & cons and/or the differences between the breeds. We'd love to have the opinions of Aussie & BC owners before we make our final decision on picking a pup. Quick background on us- We are a young married couple with no children -yet (maybe in another year or so) We have two very sweet kitties who actually get along with dogs! They've even played together! We have our suburban home in SC with a 1/2 acre fenced yard. We are willing and able to train and exercise our dog(s) but have yet to figure out any "work" for them to do. Our dearly departed Chloe thought it was her "job" to fetch tennis balls We also go to the lake (DH parents home) every couple of weeks and it's great for pups to swim & chase tennis balls Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. We recently lost our 2 1/2 year old BC because of a similar situation. She was not a rescue, we'd had her since 6 weeks. She developed an extreme noise/storm phobia a few months ago and began jumping our 4 foot chain fence. So, we built a 6 foot wooden fence, which she also jumped immediately. Finally we tried the invisible "electric" fence system. She knew the fence boundaries and would avoid them on a regular day. However... From our neighbor's report, during an afternoon storm he heard her jumping at the fence repeatedly. Apparently, she got so worked up and panicked that she had a heart attack and died. This fence only made her more upset and did not deter her in the least. Please, PLEASE DO NOT USE A SHOCK COLLAR or "invisible fence" on BC who is already having problems (especially behavioral/emotional). You may want to search the threads here, I've seen some good advice on medications and other options for these problems in BCs. But I highly suggest using ANY other option before trying the "invisible fence".
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