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  1. I knew about the chocolate. An orthopedist I know had to give his dog epsom salts after he ate two hershey bars.
  2. It has been awhile since I had a dog. What are some of the no-no's to feed them? Are they lactose intolerant like cats? Chandelle tries to get at the milk I give my cat Beauregard. Beau loves milk and doesn't seem to care one bit if he is lactose intolerant. Also, the cats are not good at cleaning up all their cat food and Chandelle sure would like to help them out there. Currently I thwart that by putting their cat food on the picnic table where they can get at it but she can't yet....She is 9 weeks old.
  3. Chandelle is my first Border Collie and wow am I impressed. She is a very quick learner but we have had problems with her play biting us. She also tried to herd us. We have pretty much taken charge of these issues and gotten them under control but Yiiiii! How long do they stay this oral??? She has a kazillion chew toys and enjoys them all. I had to spray bitter apple on the chair rungs and Gene's house slippers, oh and the electric cords. We never leave her unsupervised. She has a crate for nights and an outdoor kennel for times when we need to get some work done and she should have the freedom to romp. Any suggestions, and related stories of puppyhood with your dogs will be appreciated.
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