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  1. Kong Wubba, Bo-Bo toy golf balls I hide them in yard and she finds them.
  2. We have feed Emma our BC Blue Wilderness going on 4 years with no issues. I have to say, she loves it, and we had a Lab we fed SD for the 13 years of her life and what a difference in the smell and amount of poop that came out of the Lab, but naturally she was a little bigger, but ate about the same amount of food and the Lab always had health issues. Good luck with your search for quality dog food.
  3. Well the old procedure at this office was that if the dog is on HW meds 12 months out of the year they did not test. I still believe the dogs health is the most important issue. Thanks
  4. Here is her next reply and no they did not want a script. (In Australia for example no RX is required to purchase Heartgard Plus.....Our Govt isn't manipulated by a large Drug Lobby forcing it's citizens to require a RX before purchasing this product. In Australia our citizens are given credit for having the good sense to be aware that their pet be tested and free of heartworm's before putting their pet at risk and administering this product.) Carol When I ordered the meds from PetcareRX they called the vet for a script and they denied it ,because they thought I was not giving Emma HGard Plus all year, but I had been giving her it 12 months out of the year with the last 6 month supply gotten from Petsupplyexpress.com which called for no script. So flags went off at the vets office and they wanted Emma to come in for a test before they would ok the shipment. Plus she was just tested 6-14-2011 for Lyme,HW and the two others that the test Snap 4 test checks for and that is when we found out she was positive for Lymne and has been treated and her last blood work only showed a 12 count.
  5. Here is the answer from Petsupplyexpress.com about the scripts. (Your Vet isn't a regulatory agency so isn't a legal position to take that kind of action making his comment ridicules. We are outside the jurisdiction of the USA thus a RX isn't required.)
  6. Petsuppyexpress.com I have ordered from twice and they have never called for a prescription from vet that is the problem I am having and now the vet says because they never called for a script the violated law and I should go after them for dispensing meds without a script and now they have a new rule that every 18 months all dogs on HW med have to have the $37.00 test for Heart Warms which I never had done in the past 13 years with our other dog.
  7. Anybody run into issues with ordering or have ordered HeartGuard Plus from Petsupplyexpress.com have just had an issue with vet because they did not fax an request for a prescription which could get them in trouble.
  8. I just started using the Preventic collar. I read on packaging that some people can have reactions to the dog wearing the collar and I put in on pretty tight to where I almost cannot get my index finger under the collar. Is this tight enough and are there any other precautions that should be taken with a dog wearing these collars. I am also wondering if there is any thing to watch out for as far as bad reaction on the dogs part wearing the collar. Vet says tick season is upon us.
  9. Our 2 year Old Emma BC was just diagnosed with Lyme 6 months ago her level 85, did 30 days of doxy, and she is do for a blood test this month to see how she is doing, she is still a normal active going on 3 year old BC, she also received the vaccination for Lyme the 6 months ago lots of cases in our are these days.
  10. Emma when she marks or pees usually picks up her left rear leg but, the best is when she picks up both rear legs while peeing and does a front paw stand while doing her duty.
  11. Wilderness Chicken Blue Buffalo for Emma since she is a puppy, good stool and no problems with her eating it right up at meal time plus C.E.T.'s for teeth.
  12. Our Emma tested positive and had a 62 in the blood test did the 30 days of Doxy not showing any signs and is due to go have another blood test in December to see how the count of Lyme is in the blood she is young and strong gets plenty of exercise and good food. We gave her phobics for the replacement of the good bacteria in the stomach that the doxy supposedly kills and make sure she eats before taking the medication. Good luck with the treatment. No pain meds for Emma.
  13. Emma was about 20 lbs at 5 months and at 2 years she is almost 23 inches and 48 lbs last vet visit, I think they vary in size and weight just like any other breed of dog.
  14. Emma and I are also in the Scranton Pa area we go to many trail in our area but do not meet many BC's in our area.
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