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  1. Silky takes a few pieces of kibble to bed, then back for a few more, then finally will stand and eat. She is a border collie afterall and needs a job to do, even if it is relocating her food.
  2. Sometimes Silky twirls before she catches the ball, trying to get her to do it on command. It is more like a single spin.
  3. Silky doesn't care for certain people either, but I encourage her with "away" or "out", I also use these terms when a dog at the park is insistant on Silky being it's playmate or a few dogs do the gang up thing.
  4. I'm leery about an electric with a BC since they have such a high drive, they may run out but not back in. Silky is great with the little 4 ft green plastic/vinyl barracade fence, but I always monitor her unless she is tethered.
  5. I agree with a time and a place. Silky gets a lot of off leash in our yard and at Bow Wow Beach, a dog park in Stow Ohio. She is at about 60% on recall, so I walk her on a retractable leash a couple times a day, I have seen dogs that always stay close and come when called get distracted eventually. I feel with a dog, the only thing that is 100% 100% of the time is their unconditional love.
  6. My last girl, who was tragically taken away from me (when a guy on a motorcycle t-boned my s10 in a parking lot--he was travelling about 130mph--hit the passenger door where my baby was in the passenger seat, we were fully loaded with stuff for the rescue reunion the next day, anyway my Stitches raised her head and upon impact the gastank flew off the bike and through the window, hit my girl in the head deflecting it from direct impact with my temple, she lived to make sure we got out and passed away at the vet hospital that a rescue worker told my friend to take her to, he said tell them to d
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