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  1. Yesterday I took my little red dog to sheep for the first time with a noted trainer and judge, who also judges AHBA events as well as Border Collie trials. She's a four-year-old rescue and has been a handful since I got her. We've made much progress in basic manners, but after much reading and consideration, I decided the best thing I could do for us both was to give her a chance to do what the breed is meant to do--herd sheep. And I sorta got the BC sheepherding bug from all the reading and viewing I was doing. The results of her time with this trainer were: She was interested but moving
  2. That's why I'm so curious. Chasing and pouncing was her MO for months, and now it has changed to this. When she reaches the cat she is very polite. It helps that the cats are calm during this approach. Yes, I DO watch the dog/cat interactions carefully....
  3. I am not a Border Collie expert by any means. What I know I've learned from intensive research and work with a trainer since I got a little gal, Rose, with lots of baggage. I have had similar experiences with Rose. She bit me in the hand once when I tried to take a bone away. Not a nip, a painful bite. I realize that I moved too fast toward her, didn't give her a substitute behavior. Plus there was a stranger present, so Rose was determined to keep the bone. She has snarled and nipped at two children, one just yesterday. The kid was doing nothing. I had Rose on a leash (probably part o
  4. My little Border Collie rescue, Rose, has been with me now 5.5 months and is making astounding improvements in her basic manners. Thanks to Renea Dahms for her guidance. But here are a couple of newer behaviors that have me puzzled. I looked around the boards for answers but wasn't successful. 1. Sometimes when we're at the dog park and Rose is in chase mode, the hair on her shoulders and butt stands up while she's chasing. It seems usually when she's telling the other dog "what for," if they got too bossy with her. 2.Rose used to chase my cats, barking, running, and frantic, which sent the
  5. Here are photos of my new little border collie, (Red) Rose.
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