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  1. Hi Anda! Small world this internet place. Leo will find that perfect home I am sure. It will just take a while... lol
  2. Hi Sue, I also train with Jenny so she knows about him. But thank you!!! The more the word is spread about him the more likely he will find a good home. For the right home Leo could be shipped- but it would have to be the right kind of home! -Amanda
  3. I have never posted here before, but have been lurking (and learning) for a while. Leo is a Border Collie in my rescue that would excel as a working dog if someone was willing to put in the work. He came to me from a city shelter and was very shut down and scared. Prior to the shelter he was a farm dog, tied up most of the time, and learned that people were very scary. He is quite afraid of raised voices, and threatening gestures. I've had him a few months now and he has come a long way. He loves his people, and never forgets someone he's met. He is sweet and affectionate. And v
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