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  1. I suppose I should go get a book and read up on this more before before I jump into anything since I am totally lost now haha Just the terminology I guess either that or I'm just not processing what you said... The whole flank thing is what has me boggled lol
  2. I'll have to look into that... The most recent pictures are up in the gallery!!! I'll try and get some more soon but my camera is not the greatest, I'm very disappointed with it and I rarely get any pictures I am happy with... I'm going to take him in with the sheep today, on leash, maybe I can get some decent photos and I'll post them...
  3. Well, I'm new to herding. I have my older BC that I also plan on trying out but I adopted one of the ACD/BC mixes from Sea4th and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on putting him on sheep. I just bought 2 Babydoll Southdowns to start a flock but I'm sure we'll need a bigger flock to work with so if anyone knows of any trainers in the NW PA or NE OH area, that'd be great too. And any advice for a beginner would be helpful. I have experience training, just not in herding....
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