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  1. I was recommended k9 advantix for my BC...I ordered it but haven't tried it yet
  2. I'll be keeping an eye on her until I finally get her spayed!
  3. I guess I will try Advantix but montor her very closely for the following day/s and check her skin for any reactions....I woud just use flee/tick shampoo but Bailey absolutely hates baths...wierd right? I'll let everyone know if she has any reactions
  4. Hopefully I am lucky too...She just needs to hold off for a month!
  5. She just got back from the vet.......no problems....but i'll take her again if this persists
  6. Okay so I called to get an appointment to get Bailey spayed....the next opening at her vet isn't for a whole month....she is six months old now and will not be spayed for a month....I wanted to get her spayed before her first heat....what age do BCs normally go into their first heat...Thanks!
  7. We thought Bailey was potty trained, but recently she has had a lot of accidents in the house....nothing out of the ordinary has changed...we take her out alot to the yard and she is only allowed on the main floor, we try to montitor her as much as possible but she still has a lot of accidents...we crate her at night and the second she gets out of the crate we take her out...if we are not in the house she is crated...any suggestions?
  8. Try walking Dave alone without the other dogs so you can focus all of your attention on him...also if someone asks to pet him do not let them
  9. Haha i think i'll try spitting in her mouth jk....thanks for all the suggestions
  10. I ordered k9 advantix on recommendation, but I read a few bad reviews online......has anyone had any problems with it??
  11. Ok..I was recommened this product, but i read a few bad reviews but mostly good...anyone had any problems?
  12. Any potential owners so far? Its only been a couple of hours though lol
  13. Yea it definitely looks similar to "Pannus" which is common mainly in greyhounds and german shepards I believe, but I have heard it is easily taken care of, even sometimes with the use of eye drops....
  14. Okay I have a 6 month old puppy and I am wondering which flea/tick prevention medicine is safe and good to use I ordered k9 advantix is this safe?
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