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  1. Nebraska Border Collie Rescue has a young, blue merle male. He is a rough coat, and has been herding instinct tested as well.
  2. I understand what you mean - but the merle gene is out in full force now. I'm up for education and promotion of good breeders regardless of color, but I don't expect to be able to change people's minds about a color just because I offer my opinion. If they are going to go merle, the least they can do is buy from a responsible breeder.
  3. You completely ignored my question. I repeat myself - once again - where in my post did I say that these dogs were bred by anyone other than a working breeder? I live in a state where the ranchers utilize their dogs heavily and daily, and as such might not be able to get away from their work on the ranches to go to a trial or "prove" their working ability in trials... more than one of these ranches runs a merle dog. FYI, since you obviously are riding a high horse (and now I am aggravated) the breeder for merle dogs that I suggest 99.9% of the time is a breeder in Canada, who mo
  4. I must have missed the part where I mentioned they were bred for sports and pets.
  5. You automatically should dismiss a "breeder" (regardless of if they breed merle or not) that does not do the proper health testing (i.e CERF, BAER, OFA). Still, genetic health testing is not a promise that your own individual dog won't develop a problem down the road. Two merles bred together is a big No-No. Resulting puppies typically have little or no quality of life, are usually deaf or hard of hearing and/or blind.
  6. To each their own I love my merles, and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. With that being said, I am educated enough to know the difference between a merle to merle and merle x non merle breeding, and I value health testing (including BAER testing). Merles are fairly popular in my area but not overly so - I think this is due to the fact that Border Collies are kept either as sporting or pet dogs in my area.
  7. Typically the noses do fill in, but occasionally they stay pink. Much of that depends on how much white/pigment they have on their face. As for merles - I have two (one of which is a rescue) and would be happy to point you towards breeders and rescues. Just PM me for more information.
  8. Holy Crap. I think that one of my Border's grandfathers is one of the "Irish Imports" he so proudly advertises. I believe a breeder down in Texas (Red Dawn?) proudly proclaims her dogs to be from his program. DISGUSTING. At least it looks like some of the dogs were well loved.
  9. Patrick @ Red Top has some dogs doing very well in agility. He is lovely to work with.
  10. I think this is a "to each their own" kind of question but here is my answer when investigating rescue groups: - non profit status - all dogs adopted out spayed/neutered - adoption under contract only - will NOT adopt out sight unseen - require references from potential adopters - evaluates all available dogs for temperament/health I myself prefer breed or breed type specific rescues - i.e Border Collie only, or herding breed only.
  11. Running Contacts, hands down. DogSport magazine actually just had a great article about this.
  12. Just goes to show that color doesn't determine working ability. Great picture BTW!
  13. Short answer - find another place to rent. Long answer - any time I have tried to rent with animals in tow (especially dogs) I created an "information" packet for the owners/lease agents detailing my dog's individual characteristics (age, sex, color, ect), including a page of current vet information, a copy of their city license, and a page(s) detailing their performance and/or working career. I also included a page with references re: my dogs temperament. Lastly, I offered to allow them to meet my dogs in person prior to approval. Something as little as a CGC can go a long way in e
  14. I've "put my hands" on several Barbie Collies back when I lived on the west coast, the density and heavy coat they carry is incredible. My girl is a rough coat and she has not nearly the type of fluff they carry. It's a pretty look but not useful IMO>
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