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  1. I agree with http://www.flyballequip.com/freeflyballboxplans.html from Willoughby Workshop. The mechanism is quite simple and feel possible to DIY within a weekend. Seems like ball mechanism plays a main role in this machine. (how it projects the ball, how it loads, maintenance) I've read thorough the provided free plan and may gather stuff to try. On the website, he also provides "Ball thrusters" which is quite interesting. Has anyone tried with this?
  2. Thanks for all ideas. I'm really appreciated all your comment. I'll start with the plan from flyballequip.com first and see if I can do anything.
  3. Hi, I was thinking to import flyball machine to Thailand. There has never been any flyball in this country. I've looked around the websites provided by several flyball machine manufactures. Can anyone recommend me on how to choose a good/standard flyball machine? I know only that dog pushes the level/pad, ball jumps off, but there must be some different issues insided (how soft of the pad, how the machine absorbs the dog speed when the dog approaches, etc). Price is also quite different from each company. My goal is to look for a standard machine which we can use in a competition. Any idea would be welcome, please... Thanks, Taang
  4. Thanks, Brad. Here is my own weave pole. It can be extended to 6 or 12 poles. Solar is beginner, so I train him for only four. http://www.flickr.com/photos/taangtawan/4088237130/
  5. Yeah, I agree. Perhaps, it is too big step. I'll find somewhere else (smaller area). Thanks a lot, Brad. (I'm gonna train him with weave pole on this Sunday, (his first time))
  6. Thanks for the advice, Brad. I wait him and stare at him. I'm not sure that sign make him feel challenge? (eye contact, he might expect some chasing game will start) or during that wait period, he then gets some distraction from other (you know, in football field), then he just goes away.
  7. Hi, I'm Taang from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm now training 7-month BC, Solar, to fetch a ball back. In my home, he fetches it back, comes to my feet and asks for more throwing. When we are outside, football field, he fetches and comes back until 5 m. away from me, then he waits. He doesn't totally come back to my feet. I call, show some treat, run away from him, but he just stares, sits there or play that ball with his own. Sometimes, with threat, he just drops his ball and comes to me. Or it is too far? or I need a long leash to guide him back. Thank you, Taang+Solar
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