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  1. Rebecca, Knowing the breeding and family history of your dog, I would be interested in what his first experiences were like where he showed the chasing and spooking. I can tell you that his father had a huge impact on sheep (they felt his presence from a good distance away and believed he was going to move them) from the beginning, which led to me feeling he should be in a small area to gain some control, or rather to keep things from ending up in the next county. However, the pressure of the small pen, i.e. close pressure from me, the fence, etc. actually caused him to be more frantic
  2. We are hosting our 8th Annual clinic with Patrick Shannahan June 20-22, 2014 on our western SD ranch. Sheep will be rambouillet range yearlings and we have facilities for all levels of dog and handler. You can find more information and entry at www.springbordercollies.com. Feel free to email me with questions at jamie@springbordercollies.com. You can also find more information about Patrick on his website at www.patrickshannahan.com. Thank you! Jamie Silver Spring Border Collies Union Center, SD 605 | 985-5961 www.springbordercollies.com
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