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  1. Thanks -- Pet smart has them as does tractor supply -- first stop this weekend! And I agree, its the pups knowing who their "person" is that makes the difference. Thankfully, Border Collies associate themselves strongly with people - so strongly in fact that sometimes they go nuts if their person leaves them. Brodie already knows when Ken's truck pulls in the driveway and begins to "sing" -- quite the little Celtic vocalist! In the morning, he wakes up in his crate like a happy baby, talking to himself. Robin saves all his communication for his face and ears. His expressions are amazing.
  2. Robin is unfortunately a digger and I wish I'd had a camera this morning....I had a huge flower box filled with dirt ready to plant and the second I turned my back, he popped up in it and just like that dirt was flying all over the porch! I've got to get those bones buried! He also wallows in the mud. This pup gets lots of baths!
  3. Back to your original question about exercising your pups' minds, do you do any clicker training? That is a fun way to have them work their little brains. I used the Clicker Cookbook with Quinn when he was a pup and it was a nice mental workout. I also did some games from Susan Garrett's book Shaping Success. In fact, that was my puppy raising bible for Quinn and I credit those games for much of Quinn's self-control beginning early in his life. It's a great book for agility and clicker training as well as raising a high drive puppy. You might also poke around and do some searches on these boards about puppy raising and training. There have been lots of excellent discussions. Thanks! I'll look into those books! Clicker training is definately on the agenda though I haven't started yet -- we're way out in the boonies and it take some effort to get to a pet store! Robin especially needs to pay attention. When on leash he's wandering all over the place and after wrestling with my sadly missed Scotty (60 lbs! of rescue border collie), I want to break any forging tendencies at fourteen pounds rather than forty! Thanks again. Liz
  4. Our late Border Collie Scotty (passed in Feb) would take off after a small engine aircraft if they happened to by flying over the house....as others have said, it's most likely her prey drive at work rather than any sense of wanting to join in the fun. She'd probably do the same thing if you launched a kite. Liz
  5. you've already missed their primary socialization weeks to do this in. Everything from now will be backtracking. Especially since you will be splitting the time between the 2. We've been visiting them two - three times a week since they were four days old and brought them home at 7 weeks -- three days apart. We also consulted with an animal behaviorist and another breeder/trainer before making the decision to bring them home together.
  6. Not sure how to upload a photo at this point but basically his legs are all white and he has two white zebra rings around his back mid section, splitting the black into two circles, white haunches and a big black target spot on his rear end surrounding his white tail. His face is so sweet, but he carries his ears back all of the time which makes him look like a seal. Oh yeah, his nose is pink and black -- the black part makes his nose look like a heart. Someone commented that he looks like a Holstein calf -- we forgave them. Funny little Brodie, we love him dearly. Robin is a red tri with (this week ) green eyes. (They might turn gold). He's got standard markings and his ears prick forward. He is a beauty if I say so and has a wonderful personality. He will, I'm afraid, have to eventually go to work with someone who does herding/trialing because he already carries himself like a working dog and he is so steady and smart when introduced to new situations. We'll see how he develops in a few months...Check him out at three weeks old (when his eyes were blue) on barkmagazine.com -- he is the May photo contest winner!
  7. Hi there, thanks for all of your replies/ You are all right on the mark about the pitfalls of bringing two pups into the house at the same time. Before we made our decision, we did our research very carefully and found many of your comments repeated by others and thoroughly discussed it with our very responsible breeder who only has one litter every couple of years. She has a permanent offer on the table to take either or both pups back at any time. The fact is no one wanted the second pup (his markings are a little funny and he is a too bit self-effacing for a herding dog) and he seemed to have a special attraction to my husband (sometimes dogs pick us, don't they?) Because the breeder is local, we have been visiting and handling these pups since they were four days old and they know who their "persons" are and I do see bonding to each of us. Robin (the red) who was my choice hangs with me and Brodie (the black and white) stays with my husband and they will leave the other pup to come to their "person". They are separated a good deal of the day, fed separately, crated separately and go separate places without the other. They will go to separate puppy training classes as you noted. Meanwhile, I take each separately out for short obedience lessons morning and afternoon. I am rather proud of their "sit" and "come" and we're working on "stay" today. In the evening, I have Robin with me playing with his toys beside (NOT ON!) the couch and Ken has Brodie across the room doing similar interactions. Chewing is still a big part of their day and they've been very good about chewing on appropriate toys rather than the furniture! They do get to play together for an hour or so morning and night with our eight year old female Border Collie (a rescue who has been with us four four years) and I've found that during those times if they have something to satisfy their curiosity they don't tussle with each other ( I know what looks cute now will end up as aggression), so that is why I was looking for are suggestions that will play on their ability to solve puzzles... and satisfy their mental ability so they aren't thinking up things to do on their own. I'm sure the bone burying project did make you smile, but the fact is pups are diggers and I prefer to choose the spot where they will dig -- I haven't got around to it yet though .
  8. Hi there, we've had rescue dogs ages four years and up and this time we have purchased two 11 week old pups for obedience and agility -- need help and suggestions for entertaining them and teaching them how to play games other than "sheep and wolf" which they seem to know already They're really quite bright little guys and its quite interesting to watch them at such a young age adopt the classic pose when eyeing the soccer ball. They're starting to chase tennis balls and squeaky toys as well as play with stuffed animals but I'm looking for active games that will burn up their energy without hurting them and without them chasing and wrestling each other all the time. I know it's difficult to have two pups the same age but we do have them spending gradually more time apart and we're aware of avoiding the pack mentality ...the little black and white is more dependent on the red....the red is very confident and the first one to try anything new Please help -- I want them to be very happy and I don't like seeing them chasing each other so much. They do break it up when I ask and our older female border collie does break it up when they get going too much.
  9. Hello, any suggestions for games for puppies to play by themselves instead of chasing each other? These pups are ten weeks old -- litermates. We've hung up a tether ball, given them stuffed toys, balls, and a dish of ice to play with every day (That's a BIG hit!). They are also getting appropriate training but I'm looking for things to set up so they don't find their own diversions, such as digging up my flower bed I'm going to bury bones in an appropriate digging area of the yard..... Thanks for any suggestions. By the way, Robin the little red pup won the monthly photo contest at barkmagazine.com -- check him out! Liz
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