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  1. All these different stories are fascinating. I never dreamed there were so many ways a dog could get this particular point across. I do have to say this is my favorite: "My friends have a dog who gives ONE sly sideways glance while trotting past - thats all you get - miss it and she pees at the door." The bell by the door intrigues me. Anyone have any luck with that?
  2. Sleeping in the same room? Yes, things are progressing nicely. That probably didn't happen at my house for at least a couple months.
  3. I had this very same concern a year ago. Here's the link to that thread. http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.p...mp;#entry301384 The situation has resolved adequately. Ruger still absolutely focuses on the cats whenever they are at large, but they ignore him completely. They've whacked him on the nose several times and he knows if they hiss he'd better back off. We've trained the "enough" command, which works but not by remote control; meaning I have to get up and send him to his spot and put him in a stay. How this goes for you probably depends more on how tolerant your cats
  4. How many years would it have taken me to pick up on that one?!?
  5. I was not a “dog person” until now. And I think that’s the thing that drew me in. I like that he’s not in your face. He relates to us in a very calm, patient, intelligent way and I find that extremely appealing. My dh kind of misses that goofy, falling all over you kind of affection he got from our Australian Shepherd. I, on the other hand, enjoy the quiet, peaceful companionship he gives us.
  6. Good thing my bc is more trainable than I am! We adopted Ruger from the local animal control a year ago this past April. He will be 4 yo this September. Not having trained him as a pup, we have been wondering just how he asks to be let outside. Hasn’t been a big issue as he gets two walks a day and we take him out before and after work. No accidents, except when we got caught in town because of a snowstorm that closed the highway down for 4 hours while accidents were cleared. And then there was the time while we were at church he ate an entire bag of frozen bread dough we had left in a p
  7. We've had Ruger, our 2.5 year old rescue, for about 2 months now. Whenever he is in "herd" mode, whether it be with the 2 yo grangdaughter or the two cats, he always finds something to hold in his mouth: frisbee, tennis ball, chew, rocks, coins(!) We've provided and take chew bones wherever we go now so he doesn't swallow any more rocks -- YIKES.
  8. Thanks for the response, Ranger. Yesterday was Ruger's first day "home alone." He did very well, except I'm virtually certain he slept on the sofa. But not really a big deal -- I only care that he doesn't do it while we're there and that he KNOWS he's not supposed to. I find the sneakiness just a wee bit charming. He was happy to see us at when we returned from work and we had a lovely long walk and frisbee session. The cats were shut in the master bedroom/bathroom for the day. We let them out and things seem to be calming down between the three of them. I noted much more caution on
  9. Thanks for the input, Julie. I've tried redirecting, but have not yet found anything that absolutely trips Ruger's trigger. He's not that much into food, treats, chewing, or toys (except with the frisbee outside). Something more tasty like the cow hoof might work though. He loves affection, but I'm extremely hesitant to reward him for the unwanted behavior. If he follows the Enough command and then settles on his mat, I love on him some for that and hope he doesn't link it to the earlier stare down. And, like you, I think the incessant staring bothers me much more than it does the cats.
  10. We are the proud new home to a 2.5 year old border collie rescued from the local Animal Control about two weeks ago. Ruger is a very calm boy; surprisingly the calmest dog at the shelter, sitting quietly at the front of the kennel while all sorts of mayhem transpired around him. We immediately knew he was the one and have been so pleased with him. He is the perfect blend of playfulness and tranquility and recognizes there is a time and place for both. The rest of our household consists of two cats (both 11 years old) and an African Gray Parrot and Blue and Gold Macaw. We also have our
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