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  1. I'm in Redondo Bch about 2 miles from the water but of course they don't let Dogs on the beaches here (sad) but plenty of green belts and a HUGE dog park is in walking distance (for when she gets a little older). Again thanks all of you, y'all are so nice, I'll post more pics as she grows, just like Finnegan! Cheers.
  2. We're in Redondo Beach, not v close unfortunately, but I hope we get to meet up sometime! She's such a sweety pie, but I take back what I said about the potty training. She's settled in a bit now, so has taken to opportunistic peeing. If I don't watch her every second she'll pee. I don't really want to do those training pads 'cause doen't that mean potty training her twice? Oncce for on the pad and then again to go outside? Also she's still very shy, pulls back on the leash a lot when we take her outside, afraid of transitions etc. Also here's an issue, she keeps scratching at her neck where the collar is, she does it with or without the collar. She has zero fleas, no dry skin but keeps doing it! Anyhoo thanks very much everyone, so nice to meet you all.
  3. Of course I got so wrapped up in the intro that I forgot to post pictures of Daisy!! Here she is, at the ranch and in the car on the way home...
  4. G'day all, my name is Brett, I'm in Southern California, near the beach. I've been lurking here for ages, wanted to make sure I studied up good for our new family member. We picked her up yesterday, she's an awesome 10 week old tri-colored BC that my 12 yr old daughter has named Daisy (breeder named her Dera first, so she's now Daisy-Dera) I grew up near farms in New Zealand, and my uncle had sheep and dogs too of course (it's NZ so... BC heaven), and I've allways wanted one. You may be familiar with "Footrot Flats" If not look it up, it's a great comic series about a sheep farm in New Zealand, and the exploits of "Dog" the BC. We picked her up from a ranch near Fresno, CA. Carie and David were extremely nice. Carie works at a Vet/Shelter as well and has many adopted dogs (mostly BCs but several others too) they all get along really well and are nicely socialized. Daisy's sire and dam are both working dogs (they have horses and sheep) we got to meet the sire "Zeke" who was a sweety and looked very happy, but still serious as he's a working dog. The dam has just finished first place in a sheepdog trial so we know she a good'un too. After only one day at home Daisy's showing herself to be super smart. We were worried about house breaking, as she has been raised ouside, but maybe that's working to our advantage, when we take her outside, she knows grass is for potty, so when I say "lets go potty" she already knows to go to the front door, waits for the leash, then waits for me to go out first, then goes straight to the grass and does her thing. She spent her first night alone in the crate last night and was quiet the whole time. Woke with me @ 5 this morning happy as can be and no accidents in the crate. This is my 3rd dog throughout my life (Dalmation, then a Jack Russell) and I must say BCs are scary smart! Almost instantaneous learning compared to my two previous dogs. Although the availability of excellent resources, such as the internet and this board in particular has helped greatly in our preparation and education on this wonderful breed. As we don't have a farm or a ranch, I plan to "work" her with agility trials or frisby... not sure till she grows a bit more. I really wish I'd gotten one long ago... Anyway, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and Daisy. Cheers Brett
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