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  1. Seems like Sugarfoot is doing what she should. I expect my dogs to bark when someone comes to the door. They usually let me know when a car pulls into the driveway. When I come to see who is there, they stop barking and stand beside me ( unless it is a friend for whom they want to do the happy dance ). They do stay alert and right by my side for strangers until they sense that I'm ok with the visitor. I love that about my dogs. I guess they know I don't like surprises.
  2. Hi Mary, This is really easy to make. I got the idea from a forum on Dogster. Pureed pumpkin (this can be canned or fresh, I like fresh when its in season) You can also substitute winter squash like butternut Peanut Butter - look for one that doesn't have extra ingredients, just peanuts & salt. Even better is the stuff they grind at the organic market, but kind of pricey Oatmeal straight out of the box Banana or other safe fruit if you have it on hand. The amounts of everything depend on how much pumpkin you started out with. When all is mixed togethwer the consistency should be like thick mashed potatoes, but not as stiff as cookie dough. A spoon should stand up in it for a second & fall over slowly. If the pumpkin is fresh you have to clean it and steam or bake it first. It is much easier to peel after cooking. Put the smashed pumpkin in a big bowl add the peanut butter. For a small pie size pumpkin, I use about 1/2 to 3/4 of a pint jar of organic peanut butter. Stir this up really well or use a mixer. Add the oatmeal as a filler to get the consistency right. Last add the bananas. I just chunk them up & stir them in, but you could mash them up & stir all through it if you wanted to. The best thing I have found to put this in is the little plastic cups that Meow Mix wet cat food comes in. I give my cat this food occasionally for a treat & always save the little cups. I fill the little cups up about 2/3 full & put each one in a ziplock bag. then freeze & done. I think I got about 2 dozen servings out of the last batch & spent about $8 on my ingredients. Since I would have to pay $3.99 for a box of 4 frosty paws, I figure I came out $16 ahead. My dogs are a really easy audience - no picky eaters here, so I know that the outcome will always be appreciated and I will never hear "I liked it better the last time you made it." I hope you & yours enjoy Cherrie
  3. Homemade pumpkin peanut butter frozen dog treats. Cheaper than frosty paws and healthier too. Both my dogs love them.
  4. lololol!! kerrbluschnauz hava-wheat? Thanks anyway, I prefer Cheez-its. Too funny.
  5. This just cracked me up. I have to share! Imagine the scene: Mom (me) in the kitchen cooking dinner. Son (15 year old) sitting on living room floor legs outstretched in front of him playing a video game. Jody, the border collie lying on the floor next to son. Such a sweet picture. Mom hears Jody begin to pace. Says "son, I think your dog needs to go out." A minute or two passes & dog is still pacing. More forcefully - "Son, stop playing the game and take Jody out. He needs to go now." Mom tunes back into the cooking chore to keep from burning the frying fish filets. Next thing I hear is my son, in a very annoyed voice saying Geez Jody, what did you do that for!!!! So I say ...did Jody have an accident? I told you to take him out... and get ready to deliver the you have to clean it up lecture. Except that it wasn't an accident at all. I think this one was pretty deliberate. Jody had walked over to my son's outstretched legs, straddled them, looked my son right in the eye, squatted and peed on son's legs. Jody did not get in trouble, but he did have to go in his crate until son changed clothes so they could go outside. Son had to do a load of laundry and clean the floor. I didn't want the dog to see me laughing over this, so I turned off the skillet and hid in my bedroom for a few minutes until I could put my stern face back on. BTW - Jody is 8 months old now and rarely has indoor accidents anymore. I would never encourage this behavior from him, but it caught me by such surprise that all I could do was laugh! Finally, I honestly don't think Jody's point was to pee in the house. He was using the peeing to make a point to my son. I could almost hear Jody thinking "boy, how dense are you. Listen to Mom, when I whine at the door I need to do this! Take care Cherrie
  6. My Jody is 5 months old and he loves sticks too. He brings sticks from all over the yard & stacks them at the front door. Since I can't get my kids to pick up the sticks that are big enough to tear up the lawn mower, Jody's stick habit makes me very happy! Since his favorite thing to do is to make me happy, it is a win for both of us. That isn't much of an answer, and I'm surely no expert. Really, I am agreeing that maybe the best path is to relax & let Harlow be your bud. Since you play stick so much, could Harlow be focusing so intently on the sticks because she believes they are important to you?
  7. I read that lame-a$$ article too. The only redeeming thing about it was that it made me pause a moment to be thankful that I am working and able to take care of my whole family. I also thought about things I would give up in a heartbeat before I would let my kids or pets do without something they need. Cell phones, cable, my addiction to Bath & Body Works soaps... All of it could go and I wouldn't miss it a bit. To add to some of the savings ideas y'all posgted - A cheap replacement for cable as long as you have internet is www.hulu.com. I watch TV shows and movies on that website at least 2 or 3 times a week. They have a large selection of both new and old programming and it is free.
  8. Petsmart has hard plastic ones that were about $8 here in the Charlotte area. They aren't too big - one fit in the back seat of my HHR, but they are big enough for my full grown golden retriever to lay in comfortably. They are also specially made for dogs & seemed to be a little thicker than the Walmart ones. Actually the one I bought for the dogs last year was still good this year until my son sat in it & collapsed one of the sides. We keep ours on the deck next to the big pool so the dogs can cool off with the people. I empty the water about every day to keep down the mosquitos. Also, sometimes the water in the little pool warms up in the sun & the dogs don't want to go in. When it does that, I dump it on my flowers & give them some new, cold water from the well. Cherrie
  9. Desert Ranger - hilarious!! I would much rather go to sleep laughing than itching.
  10. Julie, you are correct. They do drop out of trees.
  11. Soumds like a fun and well deserved relaxing time after your roller coaster week with/without Sam!
  12. Bella loves ice cubes and whenever I get a glass down, she heads straight for the fridge to wait for her ice cube. The weird part is that she has to have 2 ice cubes, one won't do. I slide the first one across the kitchen for her to chase & she runs to get it. She always comes back for the second ice cube carrying the first one in her mouth. When I say "no, you already have one" she spits out the ice cube & covers it with her body so she can effectively beg for the second one...which she always gets. I figure if you want the second ice cube badly enough to sit on the first one, you deserve it. Jody is rapidly picking up the ice cube habit, though he still only asks for one.
  13. Forwarded info to my sister in Denver with a request that she send to all her local friends & contacts. Cherrrie
  14. Dear Kristen, Love & mojo for Sam from South Carolina too. I have a sister in Denver. I think that is probably pretty far from you, but if you want to start an email I will forward it to her. She has lived there for a long time & has lots of contacts. She's a dog person, so I know she'll help. Cherrie, Bella & Jody
  15. How old is Jody? He was born April 18th, so he is just over 2 months. On a tangent, if that sort of thing happens a few more times, maybe get a urine sample in. I had a puppy that was always peeing (in front of me, behind me, inside, outside). She had a UTI and once she started on antibiotics, housebreaking progressed smoothly. I have wondered about a UTI with him becuase it does seem like he pees more than any other puppy I have ever had. I also thought maybe that was a difference between males & females. I've always had girls who peed once and were done for a while. I wondered if he was just being a boy - a little here & a little there, but he should be too young for that behaviour, shouldn't he? We go to the vet tomorrow, so I will ask about that. As far as the crate, just make it a very comfy, safe, good place for the puppy and he's not going to care if you send him there once in a while after misbehaving. Most kids still like their bedrooms even if mom makes them take time outs in there on occasion. I don't use crates for that sort of thing very often, but if I need a break from a puppy, in they go. If they've just done something I don't like, they go in without a treat. Otherwise, they go in with a cookie. That makes good sense, especially about the cookie! I will add that to his going in the crate routine. Thanks for the regrounding!
  16. Jody has been home for almost 2 weeks now. I can see that he is starting to understand that he needs to wait to go out to pee and he has only had one incident of pooping in the house. There are still many (to be expected) accidents as sometimes I miss or misinterpret his signal to go out. ...and sometimes, like any little one he just gets caught up in playing and waits until the last possible second to go! How well I remember this from potty training my children too! I'm not really worried about the accidents as I know that will pass with time. This morning, however, something different happened. We have two kinds of dog treats. Some really yummy doggy beef jerky treats that I use when I am doing focused training time with Bella or Jody. These are the special treats, the pay attention, this is important treats that the dogs have to perform to get. I also have a big jar of puppy biscuits that I buy at the local pet/farm supply store from the bulk bin. They get these treats when we come in from a walk or just anytime the kids or I want to feed them something from our hand. Jody doesn't like these little biscuits as well, but he does eat them. When we came in from playing outside this morning (out for over an hour and I saw him pee right before we came back in) I gave each dog a biscuit from the jar. Bella ate her biscuit. Jody took his, bit it in two, spit out the pieces, looked at me and peed right on the kitchen floor without moving one step. Bad boy! Outside, walk around the garden again, no more peeing, so I brought him back in and put him in the crate which is where he is now, happily taking his morning nap. I didn't want to crate him right after the peeing on the floor. I am trying hard not to crate for being a bad dog. Even when that is the reason, I try to put another experience in between so that the crate is more of a break from each other than a punishment. So what do you think? Did he do that because I gave him the biscuit he doesn't like as well? Am I reading in a motivation he wouldn't have?
  17. Journey, what do you think is too soon to spay or neuter? Asking because we are bringing our new puppy home on June 20th. It is a little boy & he will be fixed when he is old enough. (I believe in leaving breeding to the pro's) Just wondering if your thoughts are different from what my vet will say. Thanks.
  18. I love the pictures! You are in Fort Mill? I am in Clover.
  19. Hello, my name is Cherrie and the picture is of our little border collie, Jody. Jody will be ready to come home on June 20. While I have had several dogs, this is our first BC. There is so much knowledge being shared here. I was hoping to get some advice from all of you. Maybe I should tell you about Jody's new family. Jody will be my 15 YO son's dog, with Mom (me) as the backup caretaker. My younger son is 12 and he has a golden retriever named Bella who is 2. Bella is really laid back. She loves everyone she meets, so I believe (hope & pray) there will be little if any problem introducing the 2 dogs. We also have 2 cats, Junior (7) & Julia (1). I am a little worried about the cats and the border collie. Hoping very much that we will be able to train him from the beginning that the cats are absolutely off limits! My husband is disabled and stays home most of the time. Even though he can't walk the dog, he talks to her and plays with her. We have about 5 acres for running & playing, however Bella isn't ever allowed outside without supervision. My sons or I always walk Bella and we'll follow the same rule with Jody. We also have daily off leash play time out in the yard. We will crate train Jody. Bella is crate trained, but now the only time she ever uses it is when she goes to Grandma's for a visit. I have read lots of the posts and it seems like there are things that can go wrong with a BC that I never even thought of! I want to do my best to get him off to a great start, so I've taken the whole first week that he will be home off work. He'll have the kids home from school until the end of August and my husband will still be here once the kids go back to school. So...What do you think are the most important things I would need to differently with our BC pup than I have done with other dogs in the past?
  20. I rented Mist to watch with my kids. It was a sweet movie.
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