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  1. D'Elle, I am really enjoying watching Kelso bloom through your eyes. I look forward to each new chapter of his story that you post. Thanks for takIng time to write these updates. Mary, isn't Simple Dog hilarious?!?!! One of my favorites.
  2. I have never hand raised an orphan puppy like you are but have done so with a couple kittens. I got them to drink by doing just about what Ruth said above. The only difference was that I mixed the water with canned cat food instead of dry. The canned food was very easy to mix into a "soup". It never took very long for them to catch on to drinking that stuff and I was always able to transition to plain water over the course of a week or two. I regarded the canned food as a baby food and once I was feeding canned food separate from the water then I would start mixing dry cat food into the canned stuff to get the kitten switched over to a mostly dry food diet. I don't know if that is how you are supposed to do it but the kittens did really well. If you use the canned food you better be ready to wash a little face! I used to have to wash my kitten all the way to his shoulders! He would put his front paws in the bowl and knead.
  3. I use a harness with Jody when we go someplace where I am afraid there could be a real problem if he was to accidentally slip his collar. The collar fits well and I check it often but it still worries me. The harness makes me feel more secure. Jody gets excited when I get the harness out. It means we are going to do something fun. He will wear it on Saturday when we go to watch the sheep trials in Lawndale, NC. He wears it when we travel far from home or go to a street fair. Considering that he is really excited at any of these kinds of events his pulling is really minimal. I don't have good balance due to some old injuries. If he pulls, I stop walking immediately. I have to or risk a fall. I guess he's learned that if he pulls we will stop. He isn't perfect every time but does well after one or two dead stop reminders. His harness is a step in type that buckles on top of his back. The leash clips on top of his back. I like his harness. It makes me feel more secure about not losing him away from home. It makes him happy because it signals fun is on the way!
  4. Kate@Jim's method is working for me withboth my border collie and golden retriever. I used to get the nalis cilpped but am now trying to do it myself to save money. I quickly found out that what the groomer could do with no problem they will have none of from me! Brushing = ok. Baths and nails = not from mom. We are doing the little at a time routine described above for both baths and nails. It really works. I am at the clip one or two nails and done stage with both dogs so I have to try to figure out where I left off each day. I was nervous about cutting their nalis at first (one of the reasons the groomer always did it). I think they were really sensitive to the fact that I was uncomfortable about cutting their nails. My lack of confidence didn't help the dogs feel better about the process. Going a little at a time has helped me too. Since I know I'll be coming back to a toe in a week or so, I don't have to worry about cutting it way down and risking going too close. Good luck!
  5. I love these pictures. Julie, I agree, the black tank is much less obtrusive than the bright blue kiddie pool. It fits right in. We still have our kiddie pool from last season but when it comes time to replace I think the black tank might be just the thing. I have to keep something for them to cool off in. My dogs hate to be left inside when we are in the big pool. I don't want them going in our pool. (for safety not because I am grossed out by it). We keep a small pool on the deck for the dogs.
  6. Thanks for responding about the stock tank. Don't fill it all the way up... LOL Sometimes I miss the most simple things. I was visualizing one of those big silver tanks they keep the baby chickens in at Tractor Supply brimming with water and dogs doing cannonballs into it from a flat out run. D'Elle, i think you could put anything in the doggie ice cream that they would enjoy and still keep it a healthy treat. The consistency of the unfrozen mixture is what I try to get right every time. If you increase the wet ingredients then add a little extra oatmeal. My dog loves frozen hunks of cauliflower right from the bag so I could probably put any leftover good vegetable in the ice cream and he would love that too. Well now, this gives me an idea! Leftover vegetables, pureed, mixed up with a can of pumpkin, oatmeal for thickening, and a little chopped apple for decoration. I guess my cat will be getting more wet food than usual so I can get a new set of doggy ice cream bowls.
  7. Good morning D'Elle I am an "about" cook so this isn't exact. You will need some small plastic bowls to freeze this in. I save up the little cat food bowls from the wet food that comes in little plastic bowls and has peel off tops. I don't buy it regularly and can't remember the name. You could also freeze in ice cube trays but then the dog can eat the treat before you get the freezer door closed. What you need: Fresh or canned pumpkin. If using fresh, clean, cook and mash it. About 1/3 as much peanut butter as the amount of pumpkin you have. Uncooked dry oatmeal (the amount depends on how much pumpkin you started with) Goodies liked chopped up apple bits or banana slices (optional) Method: Mix the pumpkin and peanut butter thoroughly. Add enough oatmeal to thicken the mixture so that a spoon will fall over slowly if stood in it. Like really thick pudding but not so solid that you could handle it like a rolled cookie dough. (Hope that makes sense). Stir in the goodies if using any. Spoon the mixture into your containers in single serving amounts. I put all the containers on a cookie tray to freeze them then store them in a big ziplock bag once they have frozen. I have never tried to store this in the fridge but it would probably keep for several days. If you made a small batch with extra oatmeal in it you could probably freeze it in a kong. It would have to be thick enough not to ooze out of the kong before it froze. Sorry for the lack of specific measurements. I usually start with a whole pumpkin so it really is different every time.
  8. Alchemist - do you put something in your stocktank to keep it from breeding mosquitos? We have the kiddie pool since it is easy to dump out when not in use. The downside is that sometimes the dogs are hot and have to wait for a refill. Jody loves frosty paws too but they are expensive. I make his "ice cream" treats with pumpkin, peanut butter and oatmeal much more economically. Glad to share the recipe if anyone wants it. Cherrie
  9. Rushdoggie, if I made your dried meat with garlic in the oven my teenage sons would think it was jerky and sneak it away. LOL
  10. Jody loves ice cubes and has yet to turn down a vegetable. (i do make sure he only gets the safe ones). One of his favorite training treats is frozen peas. Even better is when I buy the big bag of mixed vegetables that has broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and squash. He would go over the moon for those. He loves them straight out of the freezer. Obviously these treats are only used at home in short sessions. He really likes the frozen treats on hot days too. A bag of frozen peas makes a lot of cheap little treats and are ready to eat right from the bag.
  11. I wanted a backpack for Jody too but the prices were more than I wanted to spend because I knew it wouldn't get tons of use. I ended up finding a small saddle bag set in the horse gear section at Tractor Supply. It normally fits on the pommel(? Right word? The place that sticks up on the front of a saddle). Anyway it was only $13. I modified it a little to add some straps to secure it to his harness. It lays right across the top of his harness and his leash clips right through the hole in its center. It holds a bottle of water on each side plus his fold up water bowl in one side and some snacks on the other. Since I wasn't sure he would want to carry a pack and I knew it wouldn't get much use, this was a low cost option for us to give it a try. Turns out he is really proud of his pack and likes carrying it around. An added benefit is that Bella can smell the biscuits in the pack so she follows Jody whenever he wears it.
  12. Sorry to see this. I wish our dogs could be with us for all our days.
  13. Thanks for the reassurance about the heartworm medicine. It helps to hear that from someone who isn't selling it to me. I know I need to add a tick control product. For right now I check them both every night unless they go out of the mowed part of the yard. If they go in the tall grass they get checked before we come back in the house. These days I have more time than money so I'm praying vigilance will hold us till I can get another job.
  14. Does anyone use advantage multi? My vet recommended this for Jody and Bella. It is probably good stuff as no flea problems at all since we started it. However, it is supposed to prevent heartworms too and I'm not so pumped about using a topical treatment for heartworm prevention. If they get wet or something and lose effective flea control it is annoying but not that hard to fix. If the heartworm prevention is reduced I could end up with a real sick pair of dogs. I would be interested in your thoughts and experiences. Thanks Cherrie
  15. You bring tears to my eyes. Happy, happy day.
  16. Kongs are a big hit with my Jody. But lately his favorite toy is the orange tricky treat ball. He loves that thing. I don't buy the special treats for it. I put in regular dog food broken biscuit bits, or even pieces of chopped up carrot and apple. Last night he put the ball on top of his kibble and stared at me. I put some of his supper in the ball. He played and ate. When the ball was empty it went back in the bowl. He ate his whole supper out of the treat ball and entertained himself for quite a while. I am really glad I got that ball for him because he loves it so much. Best of luck with your new dog.
  17. I like Mr. McCaig's salutations. They help me hear his voice in my mind. In my head his greeting means pause and pay attention. The next thing you read is going to be interesting. It never occurred to me to consider that a different salutation referred to a different group or level or class of handler. If I ever gave it any thought at all I guess it seemed more like the way I greet people I see every day. Hey, hi, 'lo, what's up... They all mean greetings, lets talk.
  18. LOL. After you wrote that, I looked up the medication. I'm probably not quite there yet, although some days my teens do drive me to the edge. You are right about accidents. I had even recently read an article about being sure to keep our medications away from your pets. Human meds are just about the highest source of poisoning for pets. Well, I knew all my pills were put up. It's an old habit from when the kids were babies. I just forgot about this one item. Not only that, but he managed to snag it without disturbing my book, alarm clock, water, jewelry or any other thing on the nightstand.
  19. Jody ate my steroid ointment prescribed for use on psoriasis on my hands and feet. Fortunately not a strong dose. The vet says it won't hurt him as he's not on any other medications, hasn't had steroids for any reason recently, and doesn't have any immune system conditions. How in the world? Well, we changed one of our household rules and started allowing him into the formerly off limits bedroom. Since that room had been a dog free zone, I was in the habit of keeping the ointment on the nightstand so I would remember to use it every night. He snuck it off the nightstand and ate it while I was sleeping. When I realized what he'd done, I felt horrible. Thank goodness that is the only medicine that I kept in an accessible place. I try to be so careful with him. He never goes outside alone. If we go off our property he wears a leash on a harness so he can't slip through a collar. Whe he was little he chewed the harness, so I had a harness leash and a back up collar leash. I told people he was a dual leash stunt dog (like the kites with two strings) He doesn't get to keep toys when they start to wear out. This was the result of one tiny thing overlooked and it could have turned out so badly. So the incident is not entirely without consequences. Besides needing to replace my $50 prescription, I have got the stinkiest, most fartingest dog ever. This stuff has given him the worst case of gas you can imagine. His poops are normal, but he is like one constant fart. If he takes a deep breath, he poots! Of course his favorite place to lay is on my feet, so none of the rest of the family will stay in the same room with us. It doesn't seem right to isolate him when it's my fault he got the medicine, so we will suffer this together. On the upside, his winter itchies seem to have decreased significantly in the last 24 hours. I gave him pumpkin on his food last night and I am going to try the coconut and yogurt that I read about on Mr. McKaig's gassy dog thread. I will not forget this anytime soon!
  20. I am at a loss for words. This must be such a hard time for you and your husband. You are in my prayers that your heart will heal and your pain will recede. Scooter gave you so much happiness and those will be the memories that stay with you. Your reaction to the trauma of your experience is normal. I was snake bitten about 3 years ago. For the first few weeks I couldn't sleep without medication. I would wake up several times every night compelled to search my bedroom for snakes even though my sensible self knew nothing could be there and the bite happened outdoors. I can't imagine how much harder this must be for you. Take care Cherrie
  21. No, haven't ever heard of that but we were at the vet once and saw a display of prosthetic testicle implants so that neutered males could appear to be intact. This was a source of great simultaneous horror and amusement for my then preteen boys. I don't think they had really realized the meaning of neuter until that moment. Sorry this doesn't answer your question. The question just brought back that day.
  22. Skiba, the first trial you go to really is amazing, isn't it? There is so much to see. It seemed like there was something to see everywhere I looked. The dogs watching the goings on so intently is just the coolest thing to see. They put me in mind of judges at a tennis match. I have gotten to go twice so far and look forward to getting to attend another.
  23. I read the entire article. It is interesting and thoughtfully written. What Sue said about names. My dog is a Border Collie or a Collie. Maybe someday he will get to add working sheepdog to his names but not yet. In our world Borders are the edges of the property.
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