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  1. Jody and I went to Rural Hill last year and I'm planning on going again this year. It is fun to watch the spectator dogs. Jody watches so intently! It is like he's the scorekeeper at the last round of the World Cup. He was exhausted last year and slept all the way home.
  2. There is a farmer who does a sheepdog demonstration every year at our town's Scottish Games festival. I never miss going to see him and his dogs, ducks and sheep. He has been coming there since my boys were little. The first year someone asked him about his training methods. I will never forget his reply. He told everyone that he had never hit a dog or child. There is a lock of hair at the base of the head/ top of the neck that given a good sharp tug will gain the attention of any kid or pup. My kids grew up calling that the sheepdog treatment and they dread it to this day. Jody had a couple treatments as a puppy for nipping. He has paid pretty good attention ever since. He rarely needs correction and I can't imagine striking him. This is not a testament to my skill as a trainer. It is because he is just a plain old good dog. My dog thinks the world of me. In his eyes, I am worthy of unconditional love. I don't get that from very many relationships in my life. I never want to change the way he looks at me. How could I disappoint him by hitting him?
  3. I love his ears. They are extra big so he can be an extra good listener. All he needs are the right voices.
  4. Thanks Julie! That is good to know. Bella seems to be doing well on the conservative treatment regimen. Keeping my fingers crossed. She got some green beans the other night and was very appreciative. I will look for milk thistle supplements.
  5. Thanks. I didn't know about a generic and the idea about asking for a price match is excellent. The rimadyl has really helped Bella feel better in just the few days she has been taking it. She hates the new serious portion control diet. I am even taking away all the places she used to steal from. Jody's food gets put up if he doesn't eat it. The cats are getting fed out of her reach. No table treats at all - she grumbled all the way through dinner. Poor baby! Thanks for your help.
  6. Evidently Bella may have completely or partially torn her CCL. She has been stiff and lame for a lfew days so I took her to the vet. He diagnosed by observing her and doing a manual exam. She was not sedated so he didn't get a conclusive drawer test. I've been out of work for a while so I can't afford to do lots of tests right now. His diagnosis was in line with what I thought going in. He did give (sell) me two weeks worth of Rimadyl and it has really helped her. I have been researching TTA and TPLO procedures as well as what I can do to help Bella until I am in a better position to afford more diagnostic work and possibly surgery. Bella is in restriction - short leash walks only. We had her on a sort of diet before. She had lost a little weight but not enough. Now I measure her food for the day first thing every morning. If anyone wants to give her a treat it comes out of there. No jumping into the car or golf cart. We aren't making her get in her crate unless she wants to do that. She prefers to lay on her pillow in whatever room my son or I am in. As long as she is taking it easy that's ok. We have no stairs, my husband is an amputee and uses a wheelchair. Our house is completely accessible. So, my questions... At the vet I paid $60 for 28 75mg rimadyl chewables. This is enough for two weeks. On petmeds it is $43 for the same pills. Can I do better than that price? Once the first two weeks is over and I take her back for a recheck should I expect him to keep her on the same medication and dosage? Since I can't move forwatd with the surgery are there other things you can suggest along with losing weight and restricting activity that may help her?
  7. Travis T - omg. Lmao. That is hilarious. I can just imagine her. Oooooooo, it's icky! Get it offff!
  8. Our yard is about 2 acres. Jody, my border collie, has nearly 100% immediate recall. It is like he can't stand not to come when I call. He might miss something. Bella, the golden retriever, always comes to me, but she stops to smell the flowers along the way. Sometimes I wait, but if I'm in a hurry I hop on the golf cart and ride across the yard to pick her up. She can't resist the chance to ride in the cart. Lately Joda has decided that any time we are outside and I call Bella it is his cue to run full out for the cart and leap on the seat where he waits for his ride.
  9. Jody likes for me to sit in the kitchen and watch him eat. He is not at all protective of his food and will gladly let Bella or the cats eat from his bowl. He just has this idea that he needs me to watch him eat. If I leave the area he will pace between me and his bowl until I come back. Sometimes he does the woowoowoo until I come in and sit in the right spot. If I am not home he eats his food all by himself like a big boy. Sweet, silly dog.
  10. Per Jeff Dunham, comedian, if the front feet leave the ground when it barks, it is not a dog. Therefore most likely neither of these are actual dogs. You can easily justify both.
  11. We have an above ground pool and our dogs are not allowed in it. I keep a plastic kiddie pool on the deck beside the big pool and they are trained to go in their pool when we are in ours. They are never allowed outside without one of their people. Even when we walk down to the creek and they beat me back to the house they go in the little pool to cool off.
  12. Jody never chewed any of my stay at home/weekend shoes. He did, however munch two pairs of work shoes and the toe out of a brand new boot that I only wore to work once. He is also a fair dog and includes everyone in his games. He brings toys to each person in turn. Though I wonder if it is a sense of fairness or has he realized the playing will last longer if he splits it up?
  13. I feel so lucky - neither of my dogs pays any attention to fireworks or thunderstorms. I think I have teenage boys and video games to thank for that. My dogs were raised listening to boom, boom, boom, pow, pow, pow. They seem to think fireworks and thunderstorms are just another noise created by the kids. Hmmm... Finally a benefit from those darn video games.
  14. Prayers for Tommy's safe, speedy return to home.
  15. Our yard is not treated and we normally stay right here. The dogs have plenty of space since the yard is two and a half acres. Some of the dogs that run loose up the street aren't friendly. I don't know if any neighbors use lawn treatments. We are at the bottom of the hill by the creek so might get runoff from other yards. We used to use chlorine in the pool but switched to a saltwater ionizer last year. The dogs have a little wading pool of their own which is fresh water and emptied every couple days. We do use carpet fresh so I will cut that out for a while and see if it helps. Sheena, I always buy and use local honey for the allergy benefits but I have never thought to put it on the dogs or their food. I will do some reading and let you know if I try it. If you put honey on Dexter and wrap him in cling film will you please, please post a picture? I love your pictures of Dex and the whole pack. My entire family reads your blog now because I kept sending them all links to the great pictures. Bella does seem to be a little less itchy than she was a week ago when I asked the question. I am still washing her feet once or twice a day but not every single time she goes outside. She has always been an itchy dog but this episode was her worst ever. It also occurred over the two week period immediately following her booster shots. She does seem to enjoy the foot washing and toe massage!
  16. It is interesting to read about what you are training Sam to do. Thank you for sharing. Cherrie J
  17. When Jody goes out for his last potty break of the evening he doesn't like to venture outside the lighted area of the yard unless I go with him into the dark and scary corners. I don't like those spots either since I was bitten by a copperhead a couple years ago walking in a dark area at night We always take our long walk before dark and stay in the lit up parts or take a flashlight along now. When there are power outages I have always worried that a cat, kid or dog would knock over a candle or lantern. Lately we have brought in our solar path lights to use instead. They work great and no worries about fire.
  18. Accidentally hit the button twice. Erasing double post
  19. Thank you for the suggestions. I will give them a try. Rebecca, she chews the bottoms of her paws. i know they are itchy but also think it is partly out of habit. I am trying to give her a toy to chew every time she starts on her paws. The diet adjusting is such an uphill battle around here. Tonight I caught my husband feeding her pizza crusts! So there's a few days setback. Cherrie J
  20. Bella has been chewing her paws and made them sore. I am working on her diet to take out and add back various things in case of allergy. I've also started washing her paws when she comes in from her walks in case she's irritated by something in the yard. Can anyone suggest anything I can put on her paws to soothe them while I try to figure out the root cause of the problem? She'll probably just lick it off, but I feel so bad for her poor sore feet. I would like to do something to help them feel better.
  21. Walking down the dog... Can be effective, but I really put myself in a pickle trying to do this with my golden retriever. We have about five acres and keep half that mowed. Bella was in the mowed part and wouldn't come. I started walking toward her - calmly, but persistently. She would let me get close and then trot away, but I was a little closer every time. Oh boy, I was really doing it, just like I read about... I felt like some kind of cool right up to where I realized I was so focused on what I was doing that I had allowed her to lead me straight through a poison ivy patch at the edge of the unmowed treeline. I itched for days.
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