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  1. Great advice and It all makes sense and kind of what I was thinking needs to be done. He is such a great dog and he will learn. He is very affectionate with my mother except for those few incidents, so we have discussed how to avoid them and so far so good. Avoiding the potential problem and having them interact under supervision, i think will be the key. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Let me give some background. I have the almost perfect ( just turned 1 year old ) male BC that is neutered. He is very loving to everyone, very smart and well trained. I used clicker training. My mother is in her 80's and lives with me. It's just me ( 53 year old male ) and my mother living in the house. He listens to me and obeys every command I give him. He usually spends most of his time with me as he is my dog. Only on a couple occasions when he was around 5 months old did he ever try and bite me and it was when he was wound up and I was trying to get a leash attached and he tried to nip me twice. He never did bite me and hasn't tried since. He is a little mouthy meaning when playing or rough housing he will put his mouth by where you are grabbing him. I tell him off when he does this and he is getting much better, he never grabs you just puts the mouth by you or the side against you. He is very affectionate with my mother but he does not listen to her much. The problem is my mother doesn't follow the rules and lets him get away with not doing what she asks. She is limited physically and very slow moving. Recently she thought his ear looked red and called him over so she could look in his ear and he turned and nipped her. Her skin being like paper from old age so it broke the skin. There was nothing wrong in his ear and he lets me inspect anything without protest. The other night she thought a ball rolled under his food station and when she tried to move it to see and get it for him he tried to nip her again but missed. This has happened maybe 4 times now that he has been aggressive with her. He seems to be testing her for pack status is my guess. I'm not sure how to handle this. I am thinking she needs to do some Basic training with him ( sit, stay, come), under my supervision and without any physical contact but i'm not sure. I want to stop this before it gets out of hand. I am also not going to allow any more mouthing on me. The second he does it I will ignore him. He never seems aggressive except with her for that split second. The second its over he seems normal. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Accorrding to that he will grow to 39.7 pds at 18 months
  4. 33.5 pounds and 18" at the shoulder at 6.5 months. I thought he would be much bigger when full grown, I guess my expectations were off. Is this normal size or small size for a bc?
  5. My perfect Male Puppy Scout just turned 6 months 2 weeks old and he weighs in at 33.5 pounds. When do BC's normally reach their adult size and what should I expect his weight to be. Thanks for any guesses.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. It's both knees that I need replaced. Let me clear up some confusion or poor communication on my part. My pup is not a problem in any way. He is great on a leash with the Gentle Leader Headcollar. He is crate trained, he does settle down fairly easy esp when he has had some exercise. I don't plan on tying him to a bike and dragging him or running him for a mile or more daily. Maybe twice a week instead of a walk I would attach him to the bike and walk the bike for as long as it takes to get him use to walking with the bike. Only then would i slow ride Like at walk speed with him and no more than 1/3 - 1/2 a mile at a time and no more than twice a week. If he tires before that I would stop. This would just be to vary his activities, and on days when i can't handle a walk. Eventually when older, 1.5 - 2 years he could handle more. Once the yard gets fixed he will be happier getting his off lease run time daily and out of the house training and agility.
  7. Why did I pick a BC? Because it's the dog that will do what I want, very playful, smart, great looking and loyal. I thought I would be able to provide for him and I was until the perfect storm hit. The Puppy stage is taxing to say the least. Crazy unfocused energy and a monkey with a hand gun waiting to go off until potty trained. My knees went south fast with the extra activity of exercising him. My back yard is unusable until it gets fixed in spring. THIS WAS THE MAJOR PROBLEM LIMITING ACTIVITY AND REQUIRING MUCH MORE FROM ME PHYSICALLY. I was on a breeder list for 2 years and this was a dog I did not want to pass on. He is everything I wanted in a dog, we call him the perfect dog. Off leash is not an option as his recall is bad, we are working on this. I actually spoiled this by letting him out in the back yard when the weather permitted, ( not often this winter ) and what puppy wouldn't like to go nuts out in a muddy back yard. He did and when he would start to dig or when I thought he should come in I opened the back door and called him. I don't blame him for not wanting to come into the boring house to be clean and dry, screw that, let me chase squirrels out here in the mud. I ended up having to get him and bring him in. Poor dog, he just wanted to play and this old fart of a man needs some repairs. I think I'm going to get the dog walker for the bike and just use it for slow rides around the block on days I can't walk him. Just a little extra to burn some energy until he gets a little older and I can get him on the frisbee & ball retrieve better. I take him to a tennis court a few times a week for off lease but he gets board with chasing a ball after about 10 throws, that will come in another month or so of age and working him. Agility will come down the road after I get my million dollar knees Thanks for the suggestions
  8. Add in the bad knees & major arthritis and some days it seems monumental. Prior to about 7 of my 11 knee surgeries I would have thought nothing of it. NYC, Paris and downtown LA was no place for a BC.
  9. Ok I have a 5 month old Beautiful Blue Merle Tri that has about an 8 drive level from a reputable breeder. I have wanted this dog for 20 years and waited for the right location and situation as I was stuck working & living in the city. I have a fenced in back yard that I had professionally (rolling my eyes on the pro part) regraded and sodded to eliminate water problems but instead of fixing them it made them worse. I now have 2" of standing water just about all the time unless it freezes which makes it usable. A puppy loves nothing more than to dig or roll in the muddy water so the backyard is off limits until they come back to fix the problem in a month or 2. I have to walk the dog on a leash for every potty session in the front yard. A real pain in the Midwest in the winter. Now the real problem. After 11 knee surgeries at 50 years old and total knee replacement coming this year on both knees, I need some ideas to burn some energy for my boy. I thought I would be able to handle the walking but my knees can only take about 15-20 minutes a day only after I Ibuprofen / drug up. No were near enough. I clicker train him for mental stimulation which he is doing well with. Tug ropes, handball and soft Frisbee retrieve in the house play. I was considering getting a "walkydog Bike leash" for slow walks of maybe 15 - 20 minutes a day. I can pedal a bike much easier than walk. I'm kinda worried about using this with a young developing pup. I don't plan on letting him pull or put stress on his body, just walk with the bike until he is older.Hopefully around a year old I will get him into outdoor hard frisbee play and ball retrieve to tire him out. His focus is not there yet to be reliable enough to constantly retrieve at this point. Any opinions or other ideas would be appreciated.
  10. I have a fantastic new Blue Merle tri that i brought home at 9 wks from a reputable breeder that I have been clicker training daily since day 1. He is now 4 months old. I guess my question is at what age does he start acting like a dog and should serious training start. My puppy is doing well but is easily distracted as expected. If a butterfly goes by he is like forget about training. Also somedays he is good and some he could care less. He may and may not sit depending on his mood. Come in from out side only works when I blast off fireworks and hang a roast around my neck while standing on my head. On good days I can get him to : sit, down, crawl, spin, touch, fetch, wave and a few others. Nothing from distance or with any stay ower yet. He is very active and a high drive, just not to focused at 4 months. This is my first BC and i'm just looking for some general info as all dogs are different even in the same breed. I want him to be a frisbee dog as well. He catches 6 foot tosses of the soft frisbees in house and brings them back. At what age should i move to hard disks and longer tosses, out doors? i have read not to start to early on this. Thanks for any advice or info.
  11. It's for a puppy to grow into and is from Average size parent adult BC's I plan on limiting his space with a divider as needed. I'm thinking Large 36L x 24W x 26H inches or should it be Ex Large 40L x 27W x 30H inches
  12. Brushes, combs, bathing equipment & supplies, favorite Shampoo, conditioner, de Furer's, nail trimmers, trimmers, scrubbers, bla bla bla. Stuff you couldn't live without. I lover the dremel tool with the right angle attachment with sand drum on it. My dog and bird don't mind it at all. treat them the first few times while using it and they almost enjoy it.
  13. Roll up a newspaper and wack your self in the nose ..... You can't leave out new toys (socks, shoes, t shirts) and expect fido to play with his old kong. It's never the dog, It's always the providers fault. It took me years to learn that and my dog reminds me constantly.
  14. It's really very simple, eliminate the cords when he is not supervised, Give him several better options to chew. Kongs with stuffed kibble, frozen chew toys with chicken broth inside, Kibble mixed with water & a little honey stuffed in a kong toy and frozen. Your dog will never want that nasty cord again.
  15. Please give brand name and size for store bought and a detailed description of any home mades that your dogs love. Absolutely, without a doubt, my dog loves the home made rattle trap. The Rattle trap is a fishing lure. It drives fish nuts with its rattle that is inside. The dog version is a gallon or quart plastic milk or juice bottle that you cram a treat or dental bone inside. When you shake it the bone rattles around. I only give it to the dog long enough when I am supervising until he starts to tear it up or gets the bone out. You don't want them chewing up and swallowing plastic. You can also tie a 12" 1/2" thick rope on the handle for more fun or to mix it up. They go nuts for it.
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