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  1. My Layla has been struggling with flaky skin for the last 30 days or so. We recently changed kibble from Blue Buffalo (fish formula) to Fromm Salmon Tunalini. She never had this condition until the changed. Not sure if she is having an allergy or if the change of weather is the problem. Haven't taken her to the vet but the itching is starting to become more frequent. Our rescue Gus on the other hand has had no problems and his skin is clear. As always suggessions are more than welcome. Thanks
  2. Has anyone had trouble with Blue Buffalo Fish & Sweet Potato??? We've been using this product for over a year and no problems. Just started a new bag and BAM,,,, both got the runs.. I did notice the kibble looks a few shades lighter than usual!!! I'm pulling and going to put both on a bland diet for a few days and start new food. Any suggestions?? I hear Fromm is wonderful but pricey... Would love to hear back from everyone. Thanks
  3. we add just a bit of warm water to release more aroma. Obviously their sense of smell doesn't really need that boost, but they seem to like it. We add peas, green beans, sweet potato to add bulk. they split a scrambled egg maybe once a week in the morning and sometimes plain oatmeal. The food will expand once its in the stomach so adding water i believe really doesn't do anything for them feeling full.
  4. i just ordered a years supply of Interceptor for my 2. Hopefully the problem will be resolved. But you never know when the FDA is involved.
  5. Saw this today and ordered a year supply of Interceptor for my two. Has anyone else heard about this? What would be your alternatives? http://blog.vetdepot.com/novartis-suspends-production-of-interceptor-sentinel-program-clomicalm-and-deramaxx
  6. Thank you for posting. Our 2 have only had their puppy series. They will both be 3 in August. We've had 1 titer done since and they are OK. Up to date on Rabies but Vet wants every 2 years. Even though Pennsylvania law requires every 3 years. His argument is that most people forget to come back in 3 years then 3 turns to 4. So he wants to poison my dogs every 2 rather than abide by the law. Time to find a new Vet.
  7. Our cat of 14.5 years was diagnosed this morning with lung cancer. She has been steadily losing weight and now not eating. The vet administered fluid and a precription of prednison for a while. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
  8. 2nd the crating motion. Also, I believe 8 months old is way too young for a BC to be roaming the house. We let our female out at 9-10 months and came home to wood moulding chewed, legs of our dining room table chewed to shreds. She went right back in till she was trusted. We would leave her our for 1 or 2 hours on the weekend and run errands. We then got Gus our rescue. He was crated along side of her. Similar to your situation, I work 6 miles from home and would come home for lunch everyday. They would eat, potty, play then return for 4 hours until my wife got home. We then invested
  9. Is Buddy passing white phlem? If so, probably kennel cough. Could have easily picked this up while grazing with the other dogs.
  10. Homemade beef jerky from my dehydrator. 96% lean beef and garlic powder. They LOVE em...
  11. Spent a few hours over the weekend watching. Unbelievable!!!! The whistle's got the attention of our 2. They were watching the screen with heads turning back and forth....
  12. fish breath only if you have your face too close right after eating. Other than that they're fine. good luck.
  13. Very cute and sure to be a handsome boy. Have fun and keep him busy, busy, busy,,,,,,,,,
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